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Give a Grinch a goofy gift

2012 Holiday Gift Guide

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Grow your own coffee

Know any coffee addicts who are tried of buying $6 cups of coffee at Starbucks?  Some people take pride in brewing their own beer, but how many people can say they’ve made and roasted their own coffee beans? This gift will help somebody grow their own home brew and impress their caffeine-addicted friends. 



Character thumb drives

Ever want to plug your favorite character’s head into your USB dock? These fun computer accesories will please any Avengers, Doctor Who or Adventure Time fan. These thumb drives can hold anywhere from 4 to 8 GB of content and come in many different styles. 



Marshmallow blaster

With the holidays coming up, marshmallows are a must. You can enjoy them in your hot chocolate or slightly roast them for a toasty treat, but the best way to enjoy the spongy gelatin confection is by blasting them across the room. Even after the holidays pass, this gift can be used to make eating these treats interesting any day of the year.



Magic Wand T.V. Remote


There is sure to be someone in your life who has always wanted to be Harry Potter or Hermione Granger, and with this gift you can help them realize their dreams.  This wand will learn from your television remote and eventually will be able to control your TV with just a flick of the wrist.




Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter


If you’re scanning the universe for a gift for the Trekies in your life, this Enterprise pizza cutter will leave your Star Trek lover giddy. What could be better than Pizza and Star Trek? With “Star Trek Into Darkness” set to come out next May, this is a logical gift to give. So, live long, and cut pepperoni.



Flying alarm clock


It is hard for students to wake up in the morning.  What better way to wake up than with a flying alarm clock? As soon as the alarm sets off, it becomes an adventure to catch the propeller in the air.  While you flail about in the morning, your body becomes energized for the day.  


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