Fresh album releases: Lady Gaga’s “ARTPOP”

Lady Gaga creates a fusion of her own flavors of art and pop, bringing in a new mix of sounds on her recently released album.

Fresh album releases: Lady Gaga’s “ARTPOP”


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While the one and only Lady Gaga produces some of the most unique music on the Top 40 music charts today, many critics are saying that her over-obsession with being stark-naked and honest has led to overindulgence in her most recent album, “ARTPOP,” which was released last week.

Along with releasing her new album, she held an art show in New York and a similar outlet in Los Angeles, which closes today.

The pre-release hype on her twitter feed said the album would be a masterpiece, with “the dream of these two things belonging, art and pop together but with art in the front.”

The boundaries of what defines “art” are definitely pushed, however, it is apparent in her songs that she tries to make a social statement, but the music seems to falls short.

In “Donatella” she becomes a shallow model, while she comments on everything from sex to fashion in her blatantly titled songs “Sexxx Dreams” and “Fashion!”

The surprises wrapped up in the album don’t come as a surprise, however, as Gaga sings, “Do you wanna see the girl who lives behind the aura?”

The listener gets the sense that the traditional Gaga has gone through a drastic shift when the album kicks off with fast acoustic tunes, infusing some sounds of world music.

However the eventual drop reminds us of traditional Gaga glam, as she belts over a thick blanket of electronic power ballads.

The first songs on the album are enough to make one blush, as Gaga uses no artistic veil to hide her raunchy claims, save the frequent references to the greek goddesses of love and womanhood, Aphrodite and Venus.

“When I lay in bed I touch myself and think of you,” she sings in “Sexxx Dreams,” while she tells her male target that she wants to “blast off to a new dimension in [his] bedroom.”

The middle of the album features tracks that are an irksome mix of gangster rap and electronic beats, with songs with titles like “Jewels N’ Drugs,” featuring T.I. and Too Short.

With all of the musical differences, the album is hardly cohesive. The second half of the album features songs such as “ARTPOP,” which reflect Gaga’s original artistic passion, where she swoons of love, boasts about her fashion and finally demands an “Applause.”

If anything, the new album is catchy rather than deep. Either way, Gaga’s album tells a story, bringing fans from a questionable start to a diamond-studded finish.

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