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Albums for the nostalgic spring breaker

Whether you’re soul-searching or seeking festivities with friends, these albums are sure to enhance the atmophere and let the good times roll.

Shane Newell, City Editor

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To bring up the energy:

“The Stone Roses” – The Stone Roses
Acid-influenced, groove-induced and sonically-revolutionary, “The Stone Roses” is a great album to listen to with friends. Jamming to the guitar solo on “I Am the Resurrection” or the catchy chorus of “Made of Stone” will make every listener happy and free.

“Definitely Maybe” – Oasis

One of Britpop’s finest and hardest rocking albums is great for an afternoon at the beach. Featuring fine-penned anthems like “Live Forever” and ballads like “Slide Away,” “Definitely Maybe” unites its listeners in the bond of independence and freedom.

“Fear of Music” – Talking Heads
For partygoers looking for a more experimental edge, “Fear of Music” is the go-to album. The perplexity of “Drugs” and disco-beat of “Cities” are only two of the fine, groove-filled songs on this masterpiece.

“…Like Clockwork” – Queens of the Stone Age
Those looking to let everything loose should definitely jam to “…Like Clockwork.” With crunching riffs, pounding bass lines and impeccable drumming, “…Like Clockwork” is the perfect album from sunrise to sunset.

“Some Girls” – The Rolling Stones
An eclectic collection of songs is perfect for a hot day at the beach. With country ballads, AM rock jams and some rhythm and blues, “Some Girls” brings the best of the Stones to a fun and relaxing afternoon.

To bring on the relaxation:

“RAM” – Paul & Linda McCartney
This 1971 gem of an album is perfect for a peace-filled afternoon. Tracks like “Eat at Home” and “The Back Seat of My Car” are perfect for romantic couples spending time at the beach.

“Quadrophenia” – The Who
Locals who are in a more pensive mood should definitely listen to the double-album of “Quadrophenia.” Tracks like “5:15” and “Cut My Hair” are sure to please mellow music fans.

“Full Moon Fever”- Tom Petty

Tom Petty’s best solo LP is perfect for a private road trip with best friends. Hits like “I Won’t Back Down” and “Runnin’ Down a Dream” are perfect for blazing down the road.

“The Good, The Bad and The Queen”- The Good, The Bad and The Queen

The Clash’s Paul Simonon and Blur’s Damon Albarn make for a great music duo. Tracks like “’80s Life” and “Northern Whale” are great easy-listening tunes.

“Revolver” – The Beatles
The Beatles’ best LP can be used as a form of transcendental meditation. Songs like “Dr. Robert” and “Tomorrow Never Knows” are sure to open up one’s soul.

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