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Party or Peace: A Spring Break special section

It’s not Spring Break without an escape from monotony. Whether you’re seeking serenity and relaxation or unforgettable nights filled with memories to last a lifetime, the Daily 49er staff has compiled a list of the hottest destinations for spring break.

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If you’re looking for a party…

Gaslamp Quarter
by Daniel Serrano, Editor in Chief

If drinking is synonymous with partying, the Gaslamp Quarter in
downtown San Diego is probably the hottest party destination within a
two-hour drive of Long Beach. The Gaslamp Quarter, also known as the
Gaslamp District, sits in the heart of downtown San Diego and is
tailor fit for a night on the town. Blocks of streets, housing dozens of
bars, often right next to each other, make it easy to hop from spot to
spot without having to drive. If you’re looking for loud dance music,
it’s there. Jazz? You’ll find that, too. Even pubs that ditch the
dance floor and pop hits call the Gaslamp Quarter home. For the best
experience, align your visit with a Padres game at Petco Park, which
is just a short walk from the Gaslamp Quarter. After a game,
the streets flood with fans eager to celebrate a victory or forget a
loss, especially on the weekends. The influx of people in Padre’s blue
gives everyone something to bond over and talk about. Mix that amiable
feeling with the music, dancing, drinking and a beach atmosphere,
and you have all the ingredients for a memorable spring break vacation.

Tijuana and Ensenada

by Seth Rockenmacher, Staff Writer

Travel south of the border to Mexico to experience a change of culture for spring break. Tijuana is known for its delicious Mexican food, so grab a few tacos and a beer from a local taco cart. Compared to prices in Vegas, Tijuana offers more affordable options for college students on a budget. The night life in Tijuana doesn’t stop, with some bars and clubs staying open until the sun comes up. Young adults are known to start off their day in San Diego and continue into different bars and clubs in Tijuana for the night, sometimes traveling further down the coast to Ensenada, known for wineries, and beach parties. While there, visit first street, a spot popular among tourists for cheap souveniers.

Santa Barbara
by Seth Rockenmacher, Staff Writer

The host city of the recently banned “Floatopia,” sunny Santa Barbara is known for its beautiful beaches and party scene. If you’re into the arts and want to get your culture on, visit the Santa Barbara Muesum of Art, which includes French and English 19th and early 20th century art. Head to the beach to enjoy one of California’s best surfing spots. The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden offers many scenic trails that tourists can hike through. Grab a tasty bite to eat at one of the most famous restaraunts among college students, Freebirds. Isla Vista is a popular destination for college students looking to party it up with their friends who are lucky enough to be attending college in Santa Barbara.

Palm Springs
by Danielle Carson, Diversions Editor

As a child, the name “Palm Springs” reminded me of cranky old people reading in Jacuzzis, golf and mobile home parks. Over the years, however, the desert attraction has transformed into an oasis for spring breakers who want to migrate inland for the week. Home of the Coachella Valley, the area has developed a host of bars, clubs and even water parks that invite the young crowd. During the day, visitors have a wide variety of options including hiking, museum visits or simply lounging by the pool with a few cocktails. Spend an evening downtown and visit a swap meet to check out the unique artisan goods. Desert hot springs is a neighboring city and also hosts a few hotel locations that offer prime relaxation. The area is known for it’s high temperatures, however, so pack the proper protection from the sun.

If you’re seeking peace…

Lake Tahoe

by Einar Sevilla, Assistant Online Editor

Lake Tahoe is a beautiful lake that many people don’t fully appreciate because it has become a vacation spot during the winter, when it snows. What some don’t realize is it’s a great camping spot for spring break. Places like Meeks Bay Campground and Emerald Bay State Park, in South Lake Tahoe, allow visitors to take a dip in the beautiful lake while enjoying the stunning scenery. Watching the sunrise over the lake is one of the most beautiful sights you could see. Of course, there is always the impending probability of encountering a bear because after all, it is Northern California, but that shouldn’t sway you away from a great camping experience.

San Francisco
by Einar Sevilla, Assistant Online Editor

San Francisco is a great place to visit for spring break because you don’t need a car, and you can see some amazing places without spending too much money. For only $29, you can get a 7-day pass that allows unlimited rides on all Muni buses, trains and cable cars. On the first Wednesday of every month, all San Francisco public museums are free, while the majority usually have $10 admissions. There is also Golden Gate Park near the Haight-Ashbury district and Dolores Park, a cheap party place with plenty of outside bars. And with all the money you saved, you can go to El Farolito in the Mission District for a life-changing burrito.

Yosemite National Park
by Sean Mosley, Assistant Diversions Editor

Yosemite is a haven of adventure best experienced with family and friends. Well known for its lustrous waterfalls and its wide expanse of trails, Yosemite is a great resource of fun for any lover of the great outdoors. Within its 1,200 square miles, you’ll find diverse wildlife, grand valleys, and a vast land ripe for exploration. Visitors can visit for one day or stay longer in the camping area or the hotels near the entrance of the park. To take full advantage of what the park’s offerings, staying more than one day is a must. You don’t need reservations to visit Yosemite, but they are essential if you plan on spending the night camping or lodging in the park. Parking does come at a cost, but $20 per vehicle for seven days isn’t a high price for entry. Some of the trails may seem interminable but with perseverance and a few friends by your side, you’ll experience some of the greatest visions California has to offer. Come prepared with snacks — these trails are nothing to scoff at.

Pismo Beach and Morro Bay

by Daniel Serrano, Editor in Chief

Many people heading north for spring break stop in Santa Barbara, a city renowned for its party-minded youth. But if you skip it over and drive another two hours, you’ll find yourself at the southern tip of California’s central coast, a must-visit location for the private-minded spring breaker. Starting at Grover Beach, a string of small beach cities line the shore, each with a unique flavor that makes it stand out as a part of the larger coastal community. Grover Beach is a shopping destination with beautiful beaches and mom-and-pop shops. Just north is Pismo Beach, with its steep cliffs adjacent to sandy beaches and home to sand dunes that beg to be torn apart by ATVs. Beyond Grover Beach lies Morro Bay, known for the massive Morro Rock. Kayaking, surfing, hiking and camping are available and inexpensive for those on a tight budget. A short trip inland takes you in San Luis Obispo, home to Cal Poly SLO and a collection of fun bars and music venues that keep the laid back beach vibe, while providing everything necessary to let loose. If you’re looking for a calm excursion that lets you enjoy nature and won’t break the bank, California’s central coast is the place to be.

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    Now that spring break is over, students should focus on going back to school and quit causing so many problems for their surrounding communities. Spring break was nothing but trouble for the major communities and it’s time to start holding the unruly spring breakers and for those who choose not to go back to school.
    What is up with everyone?


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