Lana Del Rey’s emotional return

Michelle Siebert, Staff Writer

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Lana Del Rey’s highly anticipated third studio album “Ultraviolence” hooks with a poignant, haunting and melancholic feel as she sings about drugs, money and relationships.

Although many of the songs share a similar theme and rhythm, each of them tells a unique story.  The album, which was released June 13, consists of doomed romances, irreparable addictions and American dreams.

“Cruel World” is a slow song about the heartache of dealing with a damaging and devastating relationship.  The lyrics, “shared my body and my mind with you, but that’s all over now,” reveal that she feels more free and at ease with her past, and that she is considering her next move.

The track “Ultraviolence” is a deep and dismal ballad portraying her experience in a physically abusive relationship.  The song mentions a man who nicknames her “poison” and “deadly nightshade,” and then hits her in a way that makes her think it is a sign of true love.  She then hears sirens and sings, “I could have died right then ‘cause he was right beside me,” revealing the intensity of her feelings.

But not every song is grim. “Black Beauty” showcases a sweeter side of the singer, and the song is faint and delicate.

“F—-d My Way Up to the Top” was written about an unidentified female singer who ridiculed her for phony style, but then she “stole and copied it” and became prosperous with it.

The listener can sense Lana Del Rey’s seclusion with songs that are strong, yet slow, melodramatic and somber, which make the album a memorable experience.

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