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Spectacle: “The Walking Dead” Season 3 Episode 10 Recap


Matt Grippi, Diversions Editor

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SPOILER WARNING: The following post may contain spoilers for all episodes of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” up to the most recent episode. No information from the comic book or from the previews for next week’s episode will be discussed.

The beginning to this week’s episode was confusing. Last week the episode ended with Rick seeing ghost Lori while midway through a conversation with Tyrese and his crew about whether or not they are welcome in the group. This week the episode starts with Rick still crazy and seeing Lori, but what happened with Tyrese? How did that scene end? We’re never shown what actually happened and while everyone seems to understand that Rick is going through something, nobody is talking about it.

 Rick risks everyone’s safety by going on a spirit quest outside the gates looking for ghost Lori to make out with. Inside the gates Hershel has to keep everyone together but has trouble controlling Glenn, who is in a full-on rage after The Governor stripped down Maggie and left him for dead.

 Meanwhile in Woodbury, The Governor tries to talk Andrea into running the town because he doesn’t feel up to it anymore. He vows to not take revenge on the prison, and seems like a broken man. Andrea continues to be indecisive and just basically all around obnoxious.

 Daryl and Merle are still out in the wood looking for squirrels to eat. Daryl is starting to regret leaving his home and his friends for his brother, but Merle continues to force him to abandon them. Their relationship is easily the most interesting thing going on so far this season.

 Carol adjusts to Daryl’s absence by warming up to Axel, a character who seems to appear and disappear at random, but is apparently part of the group. Could this be a new budding romance for Carol? We’ll get back to that later.

 Back in the woods, Daryl and Merle come across a family fighting off walkers on a bridge. Much to Merle’s dismay, Daryl goes to their rescue, using his crossbow to great effect. After they save the family, Merle tries to rob them before Daryl intervenes and decides to return to the group. Finally Merle shows some humanity by admitting that he can’t go back there because of the awful things he did to Maggie and Glenn.

 After a discussion with Maggie and an argument with Hershel, Glenn decides to go off on his own to attack Woodbury. This is a ridiculous decision, but he’ll do anything for love which is kind of a nice thought. Hershel tries to talk sense into Rick, but is unable to snap him out of his insanity.

The only people who seem to have it together are Carol and Axel, who are getting along famously and look like they’ll be getting very close to each other. Oh wait, nevermind, Axel gets a bullet to the skull and showers Carol in brain matter.

Looks like The Governor may have been lying to Andrea about his disinterest in revenge. He and his men launch a full-on attack on the prison and catch everyone off guard. To make matters worse, The Governor has a van full of walkers driven straight through the protective gates and they are unleashed inside.

Axel proves to be a worthwhile character by serving as a human shield for Carol and her haircut while the rest of the group attempt to take on The Governor and his crew. Despite both sides having automatic weapons with scopes, nobody seems to be able to hit a thing besides Michonne who finally unsheathes the katana and goes medieval on some zombie ass. Glenn returns to save Hershel and everyone seemingly remains unharmed thanks to Merle and Daryl who return just in time to save crazy Rick.

Fans of the comic have been waiting for The Governor to finally go FULL Governor, and now we have it. There’s no moral ambiguity here anymore, the guy has lost it. However, so has Rick as it seems. So maybe it will take crazy to beat crazy.

Thoughts and Highlights:

-Best zombie kill of the night goes to Daryl who turns a zombies head into soup with the trunk of a car.

-Where is Tyrese? What happened with that group? This show really has a knack for forgetting characters it blatantly introduces.

-Line of the night goes to Merle with “I ain’t wasting a bullet on anyone who hasn’t cooked me a meal or fellatiated my piece.”

-I miss T-Dog. WE MISS YOU T-DOG! Rest in peace, sweet prince.

-Sad to see Axel go. He became likable about 45 seconds before a bullet scrambled his brains.

-The makeup on the fingernails on this show is really impressive. Those are some realistically dirty fingernails on Rick.

-Once again they are all driving brand new Ford trucks. Where are these cars coming from?

-The show’s biggest mystery is now Carol’s hair. What is going on with it? Now it’s all spiky in the back? Why doesn’t it ever grow?

-Hersel ponytail watch: not as much screen time as last week but still f*cking awesome. 

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