Editor’s Blog – Week 5: Previews, previews, previews!

Kasia Hall and Kristine McGowan, Staff Writers
February 20, 2013
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Editor’s Blog – Week 5: Previews, previews, previews!

We hate them. Well, not really. But we sure don’t like them very much.

If you picked up our paper each day this week, you probably noticed that a majority of the stories we printed were previews of upcoming events on campus. While previews serve the public by informing them about the goings-on of their university, what we prefer is the hard news.

It’s pretty ironic. Last week, we wrote about breaking news and how it was consistently interrupting our production process, but now we’re writing that it’s not interrupting us enough.

But hey, when you’re taking an exercise break at the SWRC and news on Christopher Dorner’s remains interrupts your exercise, you get a little annoyed.

But that’s okay. We live for hard news. Plus, it fills the white space on our pages.

Speaking of the pages – bye.

Kasia Hall and Kristine McGowan
Editor in Chief and Managing Editor


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