Spectacle: Art Party

Spectacle: Art Party

A guide to Los Angeles museums. Join the art party and visit museums, because your museums risked criticism and more to change the face of the art world for you.

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Many people predicted the end of the world in 2012- the end of the art world. The Museum of Contemporary Art appeared to be falling to pieces as director Jeffrey Deitch fired the chief curator and thus lost four prominent artists from the Board of Trustees. Deitch was in financial straits and much to the disappointment of the art world, he went the way of Hollywood, bringing in James Franco to exhibit a show and Drew Barrymore to curate another.

Art had finally crossed a line that even the most brilliant art theorists and critics could not rationalize. However, here we are a year later and the museum still stands. Instead of failing, the museum extended a hand to a community that had removed from the conversation that art was having. People in their twenties who had never been to a museum before found an atmosphere that was relevant to them. Music and nightlife and art were combined together to form a cultural feast for the youthful community in Los Angeles. They were welcome to take pictures and eat and drink and look at amazing pieces of art.

Museums had quite literally become a party atmosphere and since then LA museums have begun to embrace their community and the young people that will own it in the future. The Hammer Museum featured five similar art and music collaboration this past summer.

All to say, your museums are ready for you. They have brought in DJs and dynamic art shows and much more all in order to cater to you. On any given day of the week a student can enjoy the incredible amount of thought and talent offered in one of the biggest centers of art and culture for free. A student does not even need to leave campus to experience an exceptional art program. The University Art Museum lies in the center of campus and features not only art, but also free movie screenings. So join the party, because your museums risked criticism and more to change the face of the art world for you.

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