Spectacle: Attack on Titan-Best Anime of 2013

Spectacle: Attack on Titan-Best Anime of 2013

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The main protagonist Eren Yeager stares at the Colossal Titan with a look of murderous intent and revenge

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Looking for action? Desperation? An uprise against a seemingly unstoppable force that pushes humanity towards the brink of extinction? Look no further, Attack on Titan aka Shingeki no Kyojin provides all of these and more into each dire and drastic episode.

So, what is Attack on Titan?

To put it in a sentence: It’s an awesome anime that everyone should watch.

The story begins long before the anime, and takes place in a world where giants (called titans) have nearly eradicated the human population. The remains of humanity retreated to the confines of large walls in order to defend against these colossal Titans. However, the titans don’t kill humans for the sake of hierarchy; they purely eat them for sport. With the threat of impending doom humanity is left to face with tough decisions: Stay in their illusion of peace through the “protection” of these walls which have protected them for over 100 years? What happens when the Titans break through?

The anime begins with the main character: a boy named Eren Yeager who has lived behind the walls his entire life in the outer district of Shinganshina. He is bitter about living behind the walls and questions this as he witnesses the city’s military slacking in their duties. They reassure him by stating the walls have never come down and that everyone is safe within them.


Although, this reassurance is short-lived moments later when the giants do inevitably break down the barrier. All hell comes loose as houses are destroyed, fear is instilled, and people are eaten. Amongst the terror Eren witnesses, he checks on his own home, only to find his mother on the ground with her legs crushed by what used to be their home due to the Titans’ wrath. A single Titan appears and is slowly walking towards Eren’s helpless mother. Despite him wanting to fight it, Eren and his foster sister, Mikasa, barely escape with the help of a soldier. As they escape, they witness a horrific sight: the Titan gruesomely eats their mother.

Seeing this, Eren becomes horrendously infuriated. He vows to kill every single one of the Titans.

Thoughts and Opinions:

So, why do I think this anime is so great? For starters, I’ve watched a lot of anime. The plot it brings, the action, the suspense, it’s all there. Attack on Titan is definitely one of my top favorites. Actually, it’s been a good while since an anime has made me want to keep watching more and more, and Attack on Titan absolutely nails it. Go watch it. So far, I give it a 10/10.



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