inFocus: This Week at The Beach (10/20-10/26)

  • Freshman chemical engineering major Omar Alalawui, left, wraps a mussah around senior comparative literature major Jeremy Clemin’s head during an Eid Al-Adha celebration at the University Student Union Southwest Terrace on Tuesday. (Michael Ares)
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    Hannah Aviles throws a football during Club Fit activities at Hill Middle School on Tuesday. Read more here. (Todd Johnson)
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    Kiana Carney dances with students and mentors during Club Fit at Hill Middle School on Tuesday. Read more here. (Todd Johnson)
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    Senior environmental science and policy major Matt Weneta smokes a cigarette vaporizer pen near the Faculty Office 2 building on upper campus Monday. Read how e-cigarettes and vaporizers are prompting a policy discussion among campus officials here. (Todd Johnson)
  • Dr. James Tyner explains the geographic divisions of the Cambodian city Phnom Penh at his guest lecture “Mapping Phnom Penh during the Cambodian Genocide” in the Beach auditorium on Thursday. Dr. Tyner traveled to regions of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam in his research of the citizens of Pnomh Penh during the Khmer Rouge. (Jesus Ruiz)
  • Abdurahman Mohammed, right, won the pie eating contest at the Eid at The Beach event on upper campus Saturday. (Amatullah Guyot)
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    Junior business major Tiffany Luu scrapes paint off window panes at the house of Gwendolyn Reese for Make a Difference Day on Saturday. Read more here. (Sara Berkson)
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    Zombies took to the streets of downtown Long Beach for the annual Zombie Walk on Saturday. See more photos here. (Amatullah Guyot)
  • CSULB rugby team players take down 24-year-old junior Golden Williams at the team's scrimmage on Saturday. (Vinny Earley)

Todd Johnson, Photo Editor

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