Award-winning author Trisha R. Thomas ends Black History Month at CSULB

“One of my agents told me my book wasn’t ‘black’ enough,” Trisha R. Thomas, author of the “Nappily” Series, said. “[So in the first version], I killed someone in the book inadvertently… because I wanted to get published. I believe that’s what the people wanted.”   These are the words of an National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Image Award and Golden Pen Award finalist, detailing a time when she was first starting out and offering her work to agents.   Presented by the Office of Multicultural Affairs, “An Evening with Award-Winning Author Trisha R. Thomas,” the last event of Black History Month, was held Monday in the University Student Union Ballrooms. Thomas detailed her early struggles of being a black author before striking big with the acclaimed novel “Nappily Ever After,” and signed free copies of her new book “Postcards from Venus.”   The “Nappily” series follows protagonist Venus Johnston, who has a great job and home, a handsome boyfriend and long beautiful hair that she maintains in a weekly salon appointments. Venus dreams of cutting off all her hair, of which her boyfriend doesn’t approve. In an act of independence, Venus shaves her head, and begins

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Jose Feliciano comes to Carpenter Center

Seventy-one-year-old celebrity, musician and actor Jose Feliciano will be performing his trademark pop music, including hit song “Light My Fire,” at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center March 4. Feliciano, born blind as one of eleven siblings in Puerto Rico, immigrated to New York City with his family when he was five years old. Feliciano used a handful of records to learn to play the accordion and the guitar and by the time he turned nine, he had performed at the Puerto Rican Theater in the Bronx. At 17, Feliciano quit school to help his family financially by playing his music in small clubs and coffeehouses. Four years later, Feliciano gave a performance in Argentina for the Mar del Plata Festival and his performance landed him an opportunity to record an album of old Spanish songs he’d heard when he was a kid. His career took off immediately, and after that as he became widely known throughout Mexico, South America and the Caribbean. By the age of 23, Feliciano had won two Grammy Awards and received five nominations. Feliciano’s cover of “Light My Fire,” originally sung by The Doors, topped charts worldwide in 1968. In the same year, Feliciano sung the

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CSU hospitality and tourism career recruitment

The CSU Southern California Hospitality and Tourism Career Expo will be held at the Pointe, March 2 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The CSU Hospitality & Tourism Management Education Alliance started this expo in 2015 as a way to give students and graduates in the field an outlet to get started and succeed in the hospitality and tourism industry. Admission is free to CSU and local community college students, welcoming freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, master’s students and alumni. This is a chance for students to meet representatives from hotels, restaurants and clubs to talk about opportunities for employment and internships. At CSULB, a Bachelor of Science is offered for the hospitality management program. This program is meant to prepare managers and leaders in the restaurant, food service, hotel and lodging industries. According to CSULB’s Office of Institutional Research & Assessment, students declaring a major in hospitality management has steadily grown over the past 14 years, nearly quadrupling in size. The expo is a great way for students to get an introduction to possible careers – and maybe find an internship job to start gaining experience. Recruiters are there to mingle with the next generation of workers in their field,

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‘Moonlight’ makes waves at Academy Awards

Last year, the Academy Awards hit America with the low point of #OscarsSoWhite and the high of Leo finally winning, but without all the hooplah, Hollywood’s biggest night still managed to draw in crowds to their TV’s by the millions on Sunday. The question on everyone’s mind this year was: will the awards be less white? And, is “La La Land” going to have a repeat performance of its Golden Globe sweep? The answer is yes – well, sort of. “La La Land” won Best Picture. Oh wait, scratch that, wrong envelope. “Moonlight” won best picture. So no, “La La Land” didn’t sweep, but the Oscars were less white. Though “Moonlight” only won thrice and the musical took home six wins, it couldn’t take home the top prize — but not for lack of trying. It wasn’t until after the whole cast of “La La Land” took the stage that the clerical error was corrected and the real winner announced. The cast and crew of “Moonlight” then arrived on stage to claim what was rightfully theirs. On top of Best Picture, it also received Best Adapted Screenplay and earned Mahershala Ali best supporting actor. Zackery Sharp, a junior English literature and

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NEOJIBA joins forces with the Bob Cole Conservatory Orchestra

Four students, both new to the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music as well as the U.S., will be performing their first concert on campus this Thursday, free of charge. The string players from Núcleos Estaduais de Orquestras Juvenis e Infantis da Bahia, ages 19 to 23, are taking up residency at Cal State Long Beach. In order to gain a North American educational experience, they will be attending classes, workshops, lessons and rehearsals in the BCCM this semester. Now, members of the Youth Orchestra of Bahia will join forces with students of CSULB’s own BCCM string department. They will perform classic arrangements by composers Wolfgang Mozart, Franz Schubert and Dmitri Shostakovich. NEOJIBA, whose name translates to English as State Nuclei of Youth and Children's Orchestras of Bahia, was created in 2007 as one of the priority programs of the Bahia state government in Brazil. Since its founding, it quickly became one of South America’s most acclaimed orchestras. In Brazil, NEOJIBA was the first governmental program inspired by the Venezuelan program El Sistema, created in 1975. El Sistema is a publicly financed music education program in Venezuela, founded by Venezuelan educator, musician and activist José Antonio Abreu. “I am a friend

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Movies on the House returns to CSULB

The first month of the semester is officially behind us. That means classes are rolling, homework is piling up and the stress is beginning to set in – you may be in need of a break. Thankfully, Movies on The House is back with a magical escape. Today in the University Student Union building, Beach Pride Events will be showing “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” for a second consecutive day. The popular film was written by the best selling author J.K. Rowling, who also created the Harry Potter series. The film is filled with adventure, taking its viewers on a journey filled with magic, mythical creatures and action. Latifah Edobor, a junior and communication studies major, has been in charge of organizing the movie screenings this semester. The program assistant was brought on after expressing her interest in the event. “This is my second semester running this program,” Edobor said. “It keeps being brought back because students keep voting for it.”   The process of how the movies are picked takes place the semester before. Surveys are distributed to students with a list of possible movies to watch. From there they vote on their favorites.   “Surprisingly, the

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First ever International Mother Language Day celebration on CSULB

If you walked by the Psychology quad around noon on Tuesday, you might have noticed a huge crowd of people playing games, taking quizzes and hanging posters on walls.  If you listened closely, you probably heard many of the people speaking different languages to one another. The reason behind all of this was to launch the first ever celebration of International Mother Language Day at Cal State Long Beach. The event was organized by the Linguistics Student Association in partner with “I appreciate and respect you” Linguistic Landscaping, launched by  Linguistics Department Chair Alexandra Jaffe and Director of American Indian Studies Craig Stone. International Mother Language Day has been recognized since 1999, and celebrated worldwide since 2000. On campus, the event was sponsored by language and language-related departments like anthropology, American Indian studies and American Sign Language. The celebration consisted of presentations and posters focusing on the languages of California, a parade of people holding signs saying the languages they are fluent in and students getting the opportunity to write “I appreciate and respect you” in their mother language – or any language they know.   “This was an attempt to recognize and appreciate this diversity. Dr. Stone felt like

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Dine Out Long Beach is back

Get ready to invigorate your taste buds this week at 40 restaurants across town, during the annual Dine Out Long Beach restaurant week, happening Feb. 19-25. Elizabeth Borsting, founder of Dine Out Long Beach, said restaurants across Long Beach will be offering prix-fixe menus — menus only available during the week long event — that include lunch meals starting at $10 per person and dinners starting at $25. Borsting said the goal of the city’s premier restaurant event is to “get people out and shine the light on the Long Beach dining scene.” This year’s lineup consists of some new additions, like Beer Belly, as well as returning participants such as Restauration, Brix at the Shore and Pike Restaurant and Bar. The event will focus on highlighting distinct multi-cultural cuisines, encouraging locals to step out of their comfort zones and either try foods such as rabbit legs or simply grab a sandwich at a new gastropub, all for an affordable price. Borsting said this year’s restaurant week consists of a lot of great restaurants across Long Beach, including some which are landmarks to the city. Restauration, an American bistro on Retro Row is offering discounted lunch and dinner meals, which

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