Tricking club jumps into Week of Welcome

As many as 250 clubs and organizations will be popping up tents for Week of Welcome today and Thursday as students explore the variety of student-run groups and what they each have to offer. Alongside some of the more common student associations, there are a number of unique clubs on campus, such as the Cal State Long Beach Beach Cats, Yo-Yo-Club and the Martial Arts Tricking Club – the last of which will only be present on Thursday because they did not register on time to be present today, according to club president Andre Pel. The Martial Arts Tricking Club practices the titular sport of martial arts tricking, described as “a melting pot of styles" by club secretary Neil Medina. This “melting pot" consists of acrobatics like flips and twists and sports like breakdancing and capoeira. According to club members, the sport emerged from karate tournaments in the 1980s. After heightened levels of competition emerged in the 2000s, the sport remains relatively unknown among the general public. The club seeks to promote the sport of martial arts tricking by teaching people of all skill levels how to participate in the sport. One way the club does this is through open

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4th Fridays at the Pike are back in 2017

The year’s first 4th Friday’s at the Pike took place from 5-10 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 27, hosting a diverse array of local Long Beach artists and small businesses. Food trucks, mobile boutiques, artists and designers were among the vendors that set up shop before the event began at sunset. Heather Shipley of the Urban Hive Market, the organization that put together the event, estimated that between 500 to 1,000 residents of Long Beach came out to support the city’s entrepreneurs. She mentioned that a “good percent of the vendors” had sold all they brought by the night’s end. For Shipley, a Long Beach native, this event was about exposing people to local business-owners and entrepreneurs. She said that a part of the motivation for putting it together was to help support people’s ability to make a living by doing what they love. Potential customers began to walk through in gradually increasing numbers; some were couples, some were friends and others were shoppers whose eyes were lured by the craftsmanship on display as they walked by tents. Nostalgia developed as musical favorites from the 1980s by The Clash, Guns N’ Roses and Michael Jackson were played over speakers, contrasting with

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UAM opens anticipated Frank Bros. exhibit

Long Beach residents who hear “Frank Bros.” might automatically think of a furniture store; however, Frank Bros. was far more than that. It was a family-oriented establishment that focused on unique designs in all aspects. After being in business for 44 years, it is now possible to explore the history of the Frank Bros. furniture store and get a look inside Ron and his wife Nancy’s home on campus at Cal State Long Beach. The “Frank Bros.: The Store That Modernized Modern” exhibit commenced with a reception at the University Art Museum on Jan. 28 and will run through April 9. The exhibit not only showcases the furniture store itself, but it also gives viewers a look through the lives of the Frank family as well as their beliefs and traditions. Opening in 1938, the Long Beach store began by importing modern Swedish furniture to Southern California. They are credited with selling high quality furniture for shoppers on a budget, as well as furnishing the Case Study Houses that John Entenza, editor of Arts & Architecture magazine, launched toward the end of World War II. Ron Frank, Frank Bros.’ business owner from 1965-1982, is featured  on the walls of the

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Find your fate at the CSULB speed date

Feeling lonely and want to meet new friends? Want to go out and have fun with like-minded people? Then Speed Dating could be right for you. Speed Dating is an event for students to learn about one another and have a venue to interact with each other; it provides an easier solution to dating on campus. For six years Associated Student Inc. and the Beach Pride have been holding Speed Dating every semester in the University Student Union Ballroom. It’s usually in late November to early December during the fall semester and late April to early May in the spring. According to lead program assistant for Beach Pride Events, Kaila-Marie Hardaway, the reaction of the students have been great and they are usually very surprise that Cal State Long Beach has an event where they might find their significant other or just make new friends. “Speed Dating might sound intimidating on the surface, but generally those who go have a really great time even if they don’t end up talking to anyone after the event,” Hardaway said. This semester’s coffee-themed event was inspired by the popular television series “Friends,” something participants will want to gain from this event. “The purpose

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End fall with a ball… Dodgeball

Dive away from the aerially approaching rubber ball, scoop another off the ground and give it all you’ve got as you throw it at the opposing team. The Student Recreation and Wellness Center will host its third annual dodgeball tournament at 6 p.m. in the main gym court A. Cal State Long Beach, senior Sandra Mendez said the dodgeball tournament has shown her discipline, as well as her weaknesses and her strengths. It’s also given her a chance to create new friends. “I really enjoy this tournament because it has allowed me to develop many things but the best reward from this is meeting new friends,” Mendez said. The dodgeball tournament is open to all ages. Student, staff and faculty can participate and there is no entry fee. Registration is available through BeachSync. Each round of the tournament will take about 20 minutes, and the event will run for a total of about three hours. The max of players for each round will be six people per team. Students can create their own teams by either arriving to the tournament with a group or join a group once they get there. Sophomore, Junior Castro says he was very involved in

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Paula Poundstone comes to the Carpenter Center

The Richard and Karen Carpenter Performing Arts Center is inviting another well known personality to take the stage this Saturday as part of its Wit and Wisdom series. Comedian Paula Poundstone will be bring her signature, quick-think, unscripted style of joke telling to Long Beach as part of her 2016 tour. The Paula Poundstone website describes her as one of our country’s foremost comics. She is known for her ability to create humor on the spot as a frequent panelist on National Public Radio’s number one weekly news quiz show, “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me.” She holds the record for game losses on the quirky talk show. “The others cheat,” Poundstone said. “You wouldn’t think NPR would put up with that.” Nick Zaino of the Boston Globe writes: “You know she’s a great comic the way you know any fine performer when you see one — there’s a disarming ease in her craft, an immediate sense that she’s so quick on her feet you need never worry about the possibility of something going wrong.” She got her start in the late 1980s with a series of one-hour comedy specials on HBO like “Cats, Cops and Stuff,” and “Paula Poundstone Goes

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Councilman Joe Buscaino hosts annual free night at Aquarium of the Pacific

A regular trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific isn’t often an affordable expenditure for the average Cal State Long Beach student when ticket prices start at $30. The aquarium that attracts visitors from all over is right in CSULB’s backyard. Located in Shoreline Village, the Aquarium of the Pacific is just a short, free bus ride away, yet there are students across campus who have never gone. Students who never felt it was worth coughing up the dough might consider participating in the fourth annual free night at the aquarium, tonight from 6-8:30 p.m. For the readers whose interest just spiked, try to preserve the excitement, as this event isn’t entirely without entrance fee. The price to get up close and personal with aquatic creatures tonight is one new, unwrapped toy for an underprivileged child in the 15th council district. For the fourth consecutive year, L.A. 15th District Councilman Joe Buscaino will be attending the aquarium to mingle with guests and thank them for their contribution to the holiday toy bank. The councilman has lived in the 15th council district his whole life, which includes the Port of Los Angeles, Wilmington, Harbor City, Harbor Gateway, Watts and the communities

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CSULB “Dance in Concert” debuts this week

Animation, relationships, social media, lanterns, melodrama and a disco ball will be revealed from behind the curtain when Cal State Long Beach College of the Arts and Department of Dance presents “CSULB Dance in Concert” at the Martha B. Knoebel Dance Theater from Nov. 16-19. CSULB faculty choreographers Rebecca Bryant, Sophie Monat, Lorin Johnson, Rebecca Lemme and guest artists Laurel Jenkins and Summer Brown crafted pieces that deal with finding inner strength, coming together and processing emotions in a supportive atmosphere. Most CSULB faculty shows are not crafted around a common theme; however, these CSULB faculty’s poignant messages have unexpectedly fallen parallel to the current issues in our country because of the 2016 election results. Starting the concert is an eye-opening work choreographed by Bryant, which is the next installment for her series “Suite Female.” Collaborating with artists from CSULB's animation program, Bryant creates a unique landscape involving animal imagery. Different situations, steeped in wit and irony, transform as dancers are bounding and spiraling across the stage. “Overlook,” choreographed by Concert Director Sophie Monat, is an intimate contemporary duet that explores the shifting nature of a relationship over time. Set to the lush music of cellist composer Julia Kent, the

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