Dark Harbor opens at the Queen Mary

If you find yourself trapped in a confined space with gruesome monsters coming at you from all directions, you might be in a horror movie – or you might be at the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor. A full carnival set-up is constructed in the parking lot of the Queen Mary, devoted to all things Halloween. Dark Harbor is equipped with mazes, performers, music, food, drinks, rides – and, of course, monsters. Anyone who is a fan of fright can pay to live out a real life horror film experience. The Dark Harbor is available every Thursday through Sunday during the month of October. The attraction opened its doors for the first time on Sept. 29, inviting celebrities and members of the media to a sneak preview of mazes and monsters. At 5 p.m., guests such as Joey Lutheran from “General Hospital,” FYI’s “He Shed She Shed” host Luke Barr, Nickelodeon’s Brec Bassinger and the band New District walked the “black carpet.” The actors went through the park among other VIP guests, getting scared by the park’s actors jumping out at them. Regardless of what type of horror fan you are, Dark Harbor has something for everyone, and those who aren’t

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Panel discussion on N*W*C* censorship at the CPAC.

The Carpenter Performing Arts Center will host a panel discussion called “In Context: Art, Race and Censorship” on Thursday, Sept. 29. Panelists will talk in depth about community reactions following the cancellation of the controversial play “N*gger, W*tback, Ch*nk” and the consequential resignation of CPAC Executive Director Michele Roberge. The event at the Carpenter Center will be from 7-9 p.m. and followed by an open discussion. The forum is free and open to not only CSULB students, but to everyone interested in why the play N*W*C* was cancelled and the related issues of race, art and censorship. N*W*C* was originally scheduled to open on Sept. 29 — now, the night of the panel. The play was cancelled due to faculty criticisms on whether the play was a worthy medium to spark conversations about race. “Once the performance of N*W*C* was cancelled I sought to do something constructive,” College of Arts Dean Cyrus Parker-Jeannette said. Parker-Jeannette took it upon herself to organize the event in order to answer questions many CSULB students and staff voiced following the show’s cancellation. Moderator Khanisha Foster will lead the group of panelists, consisting of artist and award-winning writer on censorship Chris Miles, art historian and

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Student Health Services host Wellness Wednesday

For anyone in the Beach family looking for tips about eating, sleeping or drinking, they need not look any further than “Wellness Wednesdays” in the University Student Union. The Student Health Services is providing weekly workshops on topics such as sex and sexuality, eating and exercise – even surviving finals and getting your Z’s. “Wellness Wednesday” continues to truck along this Wednesday from 12:30-1:30 p.m. in USU room 305 with a lecture entitled “Food for Life - Nutrition.” This is the first semester that SHS has hosted the weekly workshop series. According to Health Resource Center Coordinator Heidi Girling, the initiative began because Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Mary Ann Takemoto, wanted a new program that was more of a lecture series on campus that would be available to staff, faculty and students every week. “Our director, Dr. Takemoto, she is incredibly inspiring, and always has great ideas,” Girling said. “[She wanted] a lecture series that wasn’t in a location like the clinic, because sometimes people don’t want to walk all the way down here. She wanted it central, so that was her idea...do it in the student union.” Girling was put in charge of launching the program, and

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King Lear read-along kicks off Shakespeare Saturdays

The words of the Bard will echo through University Art Museum’s Permanent Collection Gallery on Saturday as members of the community participate in the first Shakespeare Aloud event of the year. The event will kick off with a reading of “King Lear.” Held once a month on Saturdays, the free event gives the opportunity for community members to experience all of Shakespeare’s works, either as readers or as part of the audience. Character names are placed at a table in the center of the room where readers can choose a chair to sit in. During intermission, readers can give their seat up for others who would like an opportunity to read out loud. Introduced by former Carpenter Center for the Arts Executive Director Michele Roberge as part of the Arts for Life series, the first reading was held on Sept. 27, 2014. Now in its fourth season, Shakespeare Aloud still draws a crowd every month. “Shakespeare is widely regarded as the greatest writer of the English language in history,” director of marketing Michael Field said. “It gives patrons the opportunity to read the work with other members of the community.” Previously held in the Theater Arts department, Shakespeare Aloud moved

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First Music Tastes Good festival comes to downtown Long Beach

Downtown Long Beach will be home to a new music and food festival this weekend. From Friday to Sunday, Music Tastes Good will offer Long Beach locals a taste of a distant idea that finally became a reality. Talent Buyer Jonathan Halperin helped Josh Fischel, founder and curator, with the planning of the event. Spokesperson for Music Tastes Good, Mike Cubillos said that the founder’s goal was to highlight the city of Long Beach and its community. “Long Beach has long been overlooked by many touring bands,” he said. “Yet, it’s a hotbed of musical/creative [art], and not to mention culinary talent.” The festival will have more than 20 artists perform throughout the weekend, covering genres from ska to Latin. The line-up includes hip-hop trio De La Soul, garage rock band Twin Peaks and East Los Angeles’ Las Cafeteras. Cubillos also said that Fischel, Halperin and the rest of the Music Tastes Good team are mostly Long Beach locals and that the city’s diversity is reflected on the choices organizers made for the festival. “They work here, live here, eat here, play here,” he said. “Many of the bands playing and the chefs taking part are based here as well.

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Movies at the Beach

One of the biggest struggles of college is being able to afford it; books, classes and parking permits may place a big financial burden on students. Some kinds of recreation, such as a $13 movie at the local theater, might not be an option for students. Beach Pride Events as a way to support its students, created “Movies on the House” and the best part is that it is free. Throughout every semester Beach Pride Events hosts six movies that were selected through a survey sent out to CSULB through BeachSync and social media. This semester’s first film screenings will be Tuesday and Thursday. According to Program Manager Taylor Buhler-Scott, the online survey contains several movies that  individuals can vote for to have their favorites  projected on campus. The six movies with the majority of votes get to be showcased on campus. These events were designed to help students relieve the stress school produces. “It’s a chance for individuals to escape the duties of school and give their mind a break,” Buhler said. “By choosing to showcase it in our auditorium, it creates the illusion that you are [at] some off-campus cinema … leaving behind any homework or projects and

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Chain Reaction celebrates 20 year anniversary with ‘Chain Fest’

Hundreds of fans eagerly waited for the first ever Chain Fest music festival at the Observatory in Costa Mesa on Saturday. The line for general admission wrapped around the side of the venue and into the neighboring Home Depot parking lot. The doors opened at noon and guests rushed in to purchase merchandise before the first band performed. The event honored Chain Reaction’s 20th anniversary. Chain Reaction is a small concert venue in Anaheim, capable of holding no more than 250 guests. The venue is known for their cheap ticket prices and hosting artists ranging from Death Cab For Cutie and Paramore to local garage bands. The venue prides itself on holding all-ages concerts, serving no alcohol. Coheed and Cambria, Circa Survive and Underoath headlined Chain Fest, along with 21 other well-known bands in the scene such as The Story So Far, Title Fight and MXPX. The event brought together newer bands and those who've been playing for more than 10 years. “Every single band at the festival has played Chain Reaction or has some kind of history with the venue,” said organizer, longtime concert promoter and Chain Reaction owner Andy Serrao via press release. “The idea was to involve

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Firefly stars and Kevin Conroy headline Long Beach Comic-Con

Long Beach had a chance to geek out for cosplayers, comics and celebrities at the eighth annual Comic Con over the weekend. The scene at the Long Beach Convention Center was one from a comic book. Wonder Womans were in line for food trucks, Deadpools held doors open for customers at restaurants and Supermans casually waited in line for bathrooms. The main exhibition hall was separated in sections geared toward every congoer’s interest.  Cosplay Corner, Artists’ Alley, Animation Land, Celebrity Corner and Space Expo were some of the popular options that were filled with veteran congoers and curious first-timers. “There are plenty of other things to do here at Comic Con [if you aren’t an expert congoer]. There are shows, movies, writing art and merchandise people can get into here,” said Alex Morris, a Wonder Woman cosplayer. One of the most anticipated events was the Saturday “Firefly” reunion panel, with a special character appearance by cast members Summer Glau, Sean Maher, Adam Baldwin and Jewel Staite. Headlining the Long Beach con this year were Kevin Conroy and Loren Lester, voice actors from “Batman: The Animated Series.” The pair, who portray Batman and Robin respectively, also made an appearance over the

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