Beach Weekly: Episode 9

James Chow and Hannah Getahun round up this week's news content with special guests Opinions Editor Rachel Barnes and News Editor Austin Brumblay. Stories include the cancellation of Week of Welcome, the new Golden Girls class, a chemistry professor who received Wang Family Excellence award and a possible referendum on a new school mascot. WoW gets cancelled: 0:41 Golden Girls class: 3:51 Chemistry professor wins award: 9:34 New mascot possible referendum: 13:05 Music used: Bensound - All That

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Beach Weekly: Episode 8

On the first Beach Weekly of 2019, James Chow talks with Daily 49er reporters about construction updates from university administration to the Long Beach community, the CSU wide tuition freeze and the new Student Success Center. The special guests on today's podcast are Hannah Getahun, Austin Brumblay and Paula Kiley. Community updates: 0:36 Tuition freeze: 7:39 Student Success Center: 10:43 Music used: Bensound - The Jazz Piano

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Chugg It At The Nugget S2: Episode 1

Sports Editor Kevin Colindres and Deputy Sports Editor Alex Manfredi discuss basketball's hot start to conference play, the beginning of back-to-back men's volleyball national championships and much much more.

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Beach Weekly: Episode 7

In this week's podcast, Assistant News Editor James Chow interviews Special Projects Editor Carlos Villicana about the eight-story special issue on Long Beach State's colleges. Villicana gives a sneak peak of each story, while giving his take on the process of putting the paper together. 2:24 College of Business 3:30 College of Health and Human Services 4:57 College of Engineering 5:42 College of Continuing and Professional Education 8:28 College of Science 11:02 College of Liberal Arts 13:43 College of Education 15:07 College of the Arts

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Chugg it at the Nugget: Episode 9

Sports Editor Kevin Colindres and assistant sports editor Alex Manfredi preview the Long Beach men's basketball game against Southern Utah, whats coming up next and much more!

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