Snake stolen from the science building

Between 10 p.m. on Thursday and 9 a.m. the following day, a woman reported that a snake was stolen from Room 209 in the Molecular and Life Sciences Center. The container was found locked with no snake inside, Goodwin said. The snake is identified as a corn snake and worth $75. Corn snakes are not venomous and not usually known to bite humans. There is no suspect information and are no cameras in the building, Goodwin said. Student assaulted at library A male suspect hit a student in the arm in the main Library on Sunday at 1 p.m. When the student asked, “Why did you hit me?” the suspect asked if he wanted to fight. The suspect is a white male with brown hair in his 40’s wearing a brown shirt and carrying a plastic bag. Goodwin said that the reporting party wanted to prosecute, but the suspect left campus.   ADVERTISEMENT: Ready to save money on textbooks? Shop online and save now! — 49er Shops     Bike stolen from USU A student reported a bicycle stolen at the bike racks near Lot 3 and the University Student Union at 1:15 p.m. on Monday, Goodwin said.  The bike,

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Bike thieves roll less on campus as cyclists lock up

Bicycle thieves may be finding it harder to spot “easy pickings” at bicycle racks on campus as University Police are taking extra measures to educate students. Sgt. Keith Caires of the University Police noticed a spike in bike thefts when he began working at CSULB in 2013 and began making efforts with his team to combat it. The measures included increasing foot patrols, educating students on locking up their bikes and applying for a grant to help students and faculty offset the cost of buying a U-Lock. “[Community service officers] go on foot patrols and look for at-risk bikes, like bikes with cable locks the size of my mouse cord,” Caires said. “They’ll put a pamphlet on the bike and circle the U-Lock.” Caires worked the Sustainable Transportation Program and the Cycling Club to obtain a grant of $1,500 to offset the cost of 100 U-Locks for students or faculty who registered their bikes in the month of August. The lock costs $5 at the bookstore for the first 100 buyers. The Abus U-Lock usually retails for about $35 according to Caires. In fall 2013, 41 people reported their bikes stolen from around the CSULB campus. The subsequent fall, campus

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Sigma Pi member cited for disorderly conduct

California State University officials have asked campus fraternity Sigma Pi to stop any events until further notice, following a citizen’s arrest of one of its members. A Sigma Pi fraternity member at CSULB was cited for disturbing the peace early Sunday morning, according to the Long Beach Police Department. “The team in student affairs were made aware of the incident, and they have since contacted the fraternity and spoke with the fraternity president and asked that they cease any activities for the time being,” said Mike Uhlenkamp, executive director of news at CSULB. Marlene Arrona, a spokeswoman for the LBPD, said that a neighbor apprehended the student until the cops arrived. Officers from the LBPD showed up at around 1 a.m. in response to calls concerning a loud party, Arrona said. Arrona noted that the party broke up once the police arrived. Campus officials have already spoken with Sigma Pi about the incident, Uhlenkamp said. Sigma Pi members declined to comment Tuesday. Uhlenkamp said that Sigma Pi has received complaints from its neighborhood in the past, but has never had any major problems on campus. “As you can imagine, when you put ‘x’ number of people in a house, things

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50 years after Watts riots, residents say neighborhood is improving

Even after 50 years, witnesses to the Watts riots can vividly recall the violence and chaos. “It was a war zone,” said Lee Brown, a reporter who covered the riots. “The first night we were there was a pitched battle.” Brown is a retired journalism professor at California State University, Long Beach, and in 1965, he reported on the riots for the Long Beach Independent. The uprising began on August 11 that year and grew out of a violent confrontation between police and the neighborhood’s predominantly African American residents. Donna Wilson was 18 years old at the time and living with her parents on 107th St. in Watts, just four blocks from the epicenter of the riots at 103th St. “My parents wouldn’t let me out of the house,” Wilson said. Ray Graham | Los Angeles Times | TNS A California National Guardsman patrols 103rd Street near Compton Avenue in the Watts business district on Aug. 14, 1965. Lee and Wilson recalled the magnitude of the violence. Looting and arson broke out across South Central Los Angeles, with rioters targeting commercial buildings. Lee said that often it was too dangerous for firefighters to battle the blazes. It took

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A new ACLU app aims to bring justice to police interactions

A new app released by the American Civil Liberties Union allows citizens to record and upload interactions with police as a way to put a check on law enforcement misconduct, according to its app store description. Videos recorded using the now statewide Mobile Justice CA app, available for both iPhones and Androids, will be sent and stored to the ACLU servers in order to ensure preservation if the user’s phone is later seized or destroyed, according to a press release from the ACLU. Since its original release in Orange County on April 30, the free Mobile Justice app has been downloaded by roughly 140,000 people in California alone, according to an article in the OC Register. “The ACLU of California wants to make it more likely that even more individuals will use their phones to record those incidents, enabling the public to hold officers accountable when they cross the line,” said Hector Villagra, ACLU Southern California’s executive director. Public onlookers are the app’s target demographic. The press release stated that users interacting with law enforcement should verbally announce that they are reaching for a phone and attempting to access Mobile Justice and record the exchange. “The concerns over police practices, including

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LBPD release 911 call on fatally shot student

The Long Beach Police Department released Wednesday the recording of the initial 911 phone call about Feras Morad, a Woodland Hills native who the LBPD fatally shot on 15th Street last week. The person making the phone call reported Morad as “intoxicated” and “maybe a little bit” violent, though police reported Morad was unarmed. Morad’s friends and family held a candlelight vigil for him in Woodland Hills, Wednesday night. He was accepted to California State University, Long Beach and planned on studying business and political science. According to a Facebook page dedicated to him, he also competed in debates across the country. According to a press release sent out by the Long Beach Police Department, Morad was allegedly under the influence of drugs during the events that led to his death. The report states that he jumped from a two-story window after getting into an altercation with his friends. The report also states that the officer was unable to subdue Morad. The officer tried to apprehend Morad with a Taser and used a flashlight as a weapon. Morad allegedly advanced toward the officer and told the officer he was going to attack him, and as a result the officer drew

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DOJ establishes model for supporting campus rape victims

The California Department of Justice, in conjunction with the University of California system, introduced a new model of cooperation on Wednesday between college campuses and local law enforcement when handling sexual assault cases. Attorney General of California Kamala D. Harris said that the Model Memorandum of Understanding aimed to improve methods used by universities and law enforcement agencies when investigating cases of sexual assault. Harris said that current data suggests that 80 percent of campus sexual assaults go unreported to law enforcement. Savannah Badalich, a survivor of a sexual assault and the founder of 7000 in Solidarity, a victim’s rights group at UCLA, said that there are many reasons why other survivors may not report their assault. “For survivors who report, there’s two traumas that they experience: one is their experience of the sexual assault itself,” Badalich said. “And the other is having to relive that sexual assault — sometimes for months if you are going through the campus adjudication process, oftentimes for years if you are going through the criminal justice system.” California State University, Long Beach Title IX Coordinator Larisa Hamada said that one of the effects of better coordination between campuses and law enforcement will be not

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Crime blotter: hubcaps on the black market

Police arrest alleged hubcap thief University of California, Irvine Police arrested an alleged hubcap thief Monday night, Lt. Richard Goodwin of the University Police said. “I like it when we catch the bad guy,” Goodwin said. Police have not released any details about the suspect, but Goodwin said the suspect is responsible for thefts of hubcaps from students over the last two weeks.   More hubcaps stolen from parking lots Students reported two more incidents of hubcap theft from campus parking structures, Goodwin said. The first theft occurred at Parking Structure 3 on April 21, and the victim reported the theft at 7:40 p.m. The victim said she parked her Volkswagen Jetta at 12:30 p.m. and returned later that day and found the two hubcaps from her driver’s side missing. A second theft occurred on Friday in Parking Structure 1, Goodwin said. The victim reported the theft at 4 p.m. to police after finding two hubcaps stolen from his Nissan Altima.   Alleged iPad theft in Theater Arts Building A student reported the theft of a bag from a wheelchair outside of a bathroom in the Theater Arts Building on Thursday at 3:40 p.m., Goodwin said. Police said the bag

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