What goes up but never comes down? The USU escalators

Although it’s been inoperable since the beginning of the semester, the University Student Union escalators have undergone repairs that were projected to be complete by early October. It’s unknown at this time when repairs will be complete. According to James Ahumada, the Associated Students Inc. senior communications manager, the current repairs are to replace the steps and install new step chains and handrails for both the upward and downward escalators. Over the summer, the USU maintenance team determined the escalator steps were aging and in need of replacement as the step chains and handrails were last replaced 12 years ago. Ahumada said the total cost for the replacements is $416,000. With midterms quickly approaching, student sentiments are increasingly dissatisfied with yet another inconvenience and ASI’s response. These improvements are the latest in a long list of stops and starts on the USU escalators. Marina Makar, junior psychology major, noted the university’s delay in addressing the broken facility. “If the escalators are broken, why do we still have them? It makes the campus look inefficient,” Makar said. “They break because the school doesn’t want to put an effort into fixing it.” According to ASI President Genesis Jara, the repairs have taken

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Merchandise of our favorite fuzzy tails relocate in the bookstore

A recent Twitter post from Alex Manfredi, Daily 49er assistant sports editor, caused community-wide speculation over the possibility of a squirrel becoming the new mascot for Long Beach State. “So I guess we’re the LB squirrels?” Manfredi’s tweet read with a photo of the squirrel merchandise on display in the campus bookstore. Kierstin Stickney, marketing and communications director for the 49er Shops, immediately debunked any rumors that there was any connection between the squirrel merchandise and the university choosing such a mascot. “The bookstore is in no way promoting the squirrel as a mascot contender,” Stickney said. The squirrels that scamper freely around LBSU have gained such a large fan base that students have created Instagram @squirrelsofcsulb and Facebook @CSULBSquirrels, pages for them. The two social media sites have a combined total of 3,063 followers and multiple students contributing photographs. In response to their popularity, the 49er Shops first ordered squirrel merchandise in April 2017 for the fall 2017 semester, according to Stickney. The display has been in the bookstore since October 2017, but recently received more media attention with the recent announcement that Prospector Pete would officially be retired as a mascot. In the last week, the display of

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In photos: 34th annual Long Beach Marathon

The 34th annual JetBlue Long Beach Marathon on Sunday had more than 15,000 runners participating in races such as the 13.1 mile half marathon and the 26.2 mile full marathon. The runners started in Shoreline Village and went through various areas of the city. Coverage of the marathon can be read here.

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15,000+ runners participate in 34th annual LB Marathon

Laura Lara, 31, like many half-marathoners who diverted Livingston and kept running down Ocean Boulevard, prepared for her run by running on the river bed near her home. Her 6-year-old daughter Aubrey has cranial frontonasal dysplasia that causes the skull and other facial structures to malform. “They told me that she wasn't going to be able to see and now she’s in cheer and plays baseball,” Lara said. “I'm running because they say she couldn't but … if she can do it, I can do it. For my daughter, I have to finish.” Lara was among over 15,000 runners who were united under cool skies to participate in the 34th annual Long Beach Marathon Sunday. As thousands of runners wiped sweat off their brows, crowds of onlookers lined up along the finish line near Shoreline Village to cheer them on. The race kicked off at 6 a.m. and after two hours, 25 minutes and 43 seconds of running from Rainbow Lagoon to shortly after Alamitos Beach, Christopher Mocko finished in first place and won $1,500. The marathon is hosted by Motiv Running, an organization focused on athletic events and creating a hands-on experience involving the community. “I would just love

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Generosity Feeds prepares 25,000 meals for hungry children in less than two hours

Over 250 volunteers of all ages gathered at St. Anthony High School in Long Beach Saturday morning to assemble prepackaged meals for hungry children. In under two hours, volunteers packed 500 boxes containing 25,000 meals to feed 2,500 children in Long Beach for 10 weekends, according to Ron Klabunde, CEO and Founder of Generosity Feeds. Around 24 tables were set up to contain 12 to 15 people per table. Volunteers worked together in assembly line fashion to scoop different ingredients into bags, heat seal the bags shut and put them into boxes. Each bag contained a meal of black beans and rice that consisted of five dehydrated ingredients: black beans, rice, beef base, vegetable blend and roux. “It’s beneficial for the community... [I] work with children from the community so it’s a cause that’s dear to my heart so I figured this might be something good to do,” said Angelica Hernandez, a teacher at Long Beach City College Child Development Center. Generosity Feeds worked with sponsors such as customizable pizza business MOD Pizza and You Run This Town Foundation, a non-profit charity organization that helps students in their education. According to Klabunde, Generosity Feeds focuses on feeding children during the

Compton resident says former ASI employee was on drugs at time of murders

A former Associated Students Inc. employee, Jamie Williams, who is facing capital murder charges, may have been high on PVP, or “bath salts,” when he was arrested, according to longtime family friend and Compton resident, Brandy Riley Fletcher. According to Fletcher, Williams was seen running out of his stepfather’s house naked Sept. 28 with blood on his face and told Fletcher’s brother to call the police. She added that Williams told her brother, who was standing outside, that he just shot everyone in the house. Williams, 43, was formally charged with two counts of murder with a special circumstances allegation of multiple murders and one count of attempted murder, Tuesday. Facebook Jamie Williams is currently being held after being charged with the murder of his stepfather and stepsister. Fletcher’s mother lives two doors down from Eddie Talley Jr., 65, who was shot and killed alongside his 13-year-old stepdaughter Brittany Malone, and Talley’s wife who is still in critical condition, she said. Fletcher gave her account of what happened that night. Fletcher, who works with campus security at Compton High School said that the 600 block of West Palmer Street, where the shooting occurred, is a tight-knit community. “I’ve

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Former LBSU employee visited President’s Suite, UPD and Office of Student Affairs on day he allegedly committed double homicide

This story was updated 5:40 p.m. Oct. 5. See timeline below of Jamie Williams' movements on campus Sept. 28 Hours before former Associated Students Inc. employee Jamie Williams was arrested in connection to a double homicide in Compton Sept 28, he visited several Long Beach State offices including the President’s Suite and the Office of Student Affairs. This was after he showed up late for a morning meeting with Facilities Management and began sharing his frustrations. By 8:30 p.m., Vice President of Student Affairs Carmen Taylor told a University Police Officer that Williams, 43, had been arrested in connection to a double homicide, just hours after he had left campus.    Taylor and the officer were attending an off campus event together when she received the information, according to a timeline presented at a news briefing held by officials from the Office of Public Affairs and University Police, Friday. It was reported to University Police that Williams was “anxious” and visited several offices on campus to air his grievances. According to UDP Detective Christopher Brown, Williams wanted to “tell his story.” Several sources who were on campus that day said that Williams was disclosing information about an intimate relationship with

Long Beach Marathon will take place this Sunday

The 34th annual JetBlue Long Beach Marathon will welcome over 17,000 runners from around the country Friday through Saturday, but the official race day is Sunday. For full marathon runners, the starting time will be 6 a.m. and half marathon runners will start at 7:30 a.m. The starting line for both full and half marathon runners will be on East Shoreline Drive at Shoreline Village Drive.   According to Long Beach Marathon, the marathon has raised between $350,000 to $700,000 for charities such as City of Hope, Dream Street Foundation and Life Runners. So far, it has accumulated an estimated total of $6 million. Since 2015, JetBlue Airways has been the sponsor for this event and plans to continue its sponsorship in 2019. Participants will receive bibs, a piece of paper with a unique number, at the Health and Fitness Expo in the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center. To get a bib, participants will be emailed a code prior to the event which they are to show at the expo. After the bib is scanned, they will be eligible to run. The Health and Fitness Expo is free and will be held Friday from noon to 6 p.m., and

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