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March 3, 2009

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ASSA went wrong way with protest I am a student at Cal State Long Beach, and am half white (Irish) and half African American. I was appalled at what I saw on the front page of the Daily Forty-Niner on Wednesday, Feb. 25.Claiming that the California State University system is racist because of low black enrollment at CSULB — with no percentages included except the ones from CSULB — is absolutely ludicrous.If you pr...

Letter to the editor-Marijuana laws draconian

Robert Sharpe

February 22, 2009

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Marijuana prohibition has done little other than burden millions of otherwise law-abiding citizens with criminal records.The University of Michigan's Monitoring the Future Study reports that lifetime use of marijuana is higher in the United States than any European country, yet America is one of the few Western countries that use its criminal justice system to punish citizens who prefer marijuana to martinis.The short-term healt...

Our View – L.A. kicking the jalapeño out of taco trucks

Our View – L.A. kicking the jalapeño out of taco trucks

May 12, 2008

For the last week, the mood has been somber and reflective in the Daily Forty-Niner newsroom. Editors and reporters have spent what should be minutes of productivity grieving, sharing and coping with what...

Letter to the Editor – Students need university preparation, need to speak

Frederick Griefer

September 12, 2006

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In the Sept. 11 issue of the Daily Forty-Niner, Krystle Ralston's column "Professors need to be more understanding", I just have one problem with Ms. Ralston's well-written article on the idea that college professors need to be more understanding of students' needs - she is completely wrong. She puts forth the idea that teachers are "pushing and shoving" students to be more vocal in class, like they are in a mosh pit and un...