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Letter to the Editor: Halloween costume article is offensive

Jazmine Contreras

September 29, 2012

Filed under Letters to the Editor, Opinions

Halloween costume article is offensive I want to address the article, "Women should not feel obligated to dress down for Halloween."   As a woman, I find this article to be extremely disrespectful, misogynistic and condescending. In his attempt to preach on the objectification of women on Halloween, he placed yet another restriction on women's ability to express themselves. This article reinforces the culture of "slut shamin...

Letter to the Editor: Sales tax needed across the nation

Michael Chan Yee

September 16, 2012

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Sales tax needed across the nation Shane Newell's column on Amazon.com misses the point. Sure, it's good and all that Amazon.com is finally capitulating to pressure, but what about all those other out-of-state retailers who are still exempt? B&H, JR and Abe's of Maine are just a few examples of the retailers that will still not charge me any sales tax on what I buy after Sept. 15. The only ultimate solution is for a comprehensiv...

Letter to the Editor

Joanne Tortorici Luna

April 29, 2012

Filed under Letters to the Editor

As a faculty member, I was glad to see your indication of support for the principles of our struggle, but disappointed to read in the same Daily 49er editorial, "CSU faculty strike would hurt student body," (April 24, 2012) your opposition to our strike preparations. Nobody wants to strike, however, these extraordinary actions are being considered only as a last resort to defend not only faculty rights, but the rights of...

Letter to the Editor: Stolen Valor Act offends nation’s veterans

David A. Rose

March 12, 2012

Filed under Letters to the Editor

A week or so ago someone wrote in the opinion section that the Stolen Valor Act should be ruled unconstitutional because it violates the First Amendment. I am assuming that the author of this article either is not in the military or doesn't have any immediate family in the military because this individual just spit on the one percent of Americans who serve in our nation's military that defends the 99 percent. By individuals clai...

Letter to the Editor

Cady Roosevelt

February 26, 2012

Filed under Letters to the Editor

To be blunt, [the Rick Santorum] article is terrible. I thought perhaps I was reading someone's disgruntled blog post. Then I scrolled down to the bottom and saw that Mr. Wachovsky is a graduate student and I thought, "Oh God, help us." And when I thought this in my mind the word "God" was capitalized because whether you believe in God or not, it is still a proper noun like Buddha, Bal, or Indra. In case you are wonderin...

Marijuana prohibition is gateway drug policy

Robert Sharpe

October 16, 2011

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Dear Editor,   Mexican drug cartels are no doubt thrilled with the Obama Administration's crackdown on voter-approved medical marijuana dispensaries. So much for change and 2008 campaign promises to respect states' rights. So much for jobs. The medical marijuana industry is one of the few job creators in the current down economy.   If Obama succeeds in destroying the domestic medical marijuana industry, internatio...

Letter to the Editor

October 1, 2011

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  Dear Editor, I am sorry, but Ojaala you have gravely taken your Muslim-centric views and injected them in an un-neutral view of the world. In order for the law to have any integrity it must prosecute every individual if a crime has been committed. In this case, the "Irvine 11" did just that: break the law. You have mistakenly blurred the lines between justice and philosophical law principals.  The First Amendmen...

Letter to the Editor

Robert Gama

September 19, 2011

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  Dear Editor, I am a student at CSULB, and on Thursday the 15, 2011, you published an article titled "Turn up the heat: In time, the US could be a melting ...