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Our View – Disabled babies in London may be killed

November 8, 2006

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Oh yes, you read the headline correctly. On Nov. 6, a group of British doctors called for a debate on the so-called "mercy" killing of disabled infants. The debate is being held by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecology in London. The medical professionals will examine the "active euthanasia" of incredibly ill newborns. The college wants to inquire whether the "deliberate intervention to cause the death of an inf...

Our View – Hussein’s death penalty draws anger

November 6, 2006

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You'd think the over throwing and condem-nation to death of a ruthless dictator would draw relief and gratitude from his oppressed people, right? But instead of welcoming the announcement of Saddam Hussein's death with jubilation, silly as it may sound, reactions from the Iraqi people are mixed, with many Iraqis upset that they are losing a man they still consider their representative. The Sunni faction of Iraq, which com...

Our View – Roe v. Wade in danger of overturning

November 2, 2006

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The right for a woman to be able to decide what happens to her body has been a hotly contested issue since the Supreme Court first made its decision to legalize abortion in the Roe v. Wade case of 1973. Now, South Dakota is taking a "full frontal attack" against abortion, as its Gov. Mike Rounds called a new bill that would end abortions in his Midwest state, according to a Nov. 1 New York Times article. If Rounds is succes...

Our View – Researchers blame obesity for global warming

November 1, 2006

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It sounds ridiculous, but the link between obesity and global warming is the newest theory out there, according to an Oct. 30 article in the New York Times. The latest obesity debate was discussed in an article by Sheldon H. Jacobson of the University of Illinois, and his doctoral student, Laura McLay. Their paper calculates how much extra gas is used to transport obese Americans and how it is affecting our economy. They are ...

Our View – Neocons ruining university principles

October 31, 2006

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Grade school, for most of us, was the place we learned the basic facts about our government, nature and the world we live in. Now, as college students, we have the opportunity to broaden our scope of knowledge and discuss our understanding of certain facts with people who have specialized knowledge in certain fields. We may have learned about the U.S. Constitution while in junior high school, reinforced later in high s...

Our View – Venice beach may be turning kosher

October 30, 2006

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So it seems Venice-area Orthodox Jews are in quite a conundrum. According to an Oct. 25 article in the Los Angeles Times, an Orthodox synagogue wants to enclose much of Santa Monica, Venice and Marina del Rey within a religious boundary known as an eruv. This barrier will consist of a string fishing line between lampposts and sign poles for several miles through California's coastal communities, supposedly creating an unbrok...

Our View – Legislation generates money for Bush

October 26, 2006

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While the ineptitude and inadequacies inherent in the "No Child Left Behind" act are readily obvious, the reasons behind the insistence of the Bush administration to continuously pursue such inane legislation were baffling - until recently. An article in the Oct. 22 issue of the Los Angeles Times revealed that President George W. Bush's brother Neil Bush, along with the financial backing of former president George H.W. Bush...

Our View – Starbucks selling more than just coffee

October 25, 2006

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We've all heard the phrase "non-fat, no whip grande caramel macchiato" in our lifetime, haven't we? Even if we don't exactly know what it means we know where this person is: he or she is at Starbucks, of course, ordering a pretentious sounding, ridiculously expensive coffee, on the way to some oh-so-important meeting. Since Starbucks' ingenious creation in 1971, it has become a household name, not to mention the world's l...