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Our View – Canine cruelty abroad immoral, wrong

August 30, 2006

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While many people in the United States enjoy the company of a domestic pet and dote upon them as any other cherished family member, those living in China have recently had to relinquish this pleasure as more than 50,000 dogs have been beaten, hanged or otherwise killed in an attempt to ride Mouding, a county in Yunnan province, of a recent rabies outbreak. Although rabies is a horrific disease leaving many of its victims confused,...

Seasoned dorm dweller advises newcomers

Bradley Zint

August 20, 2006

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So here's the real deal about living at the Cal State Long Beach dormitories from a person who for a long three years in the dorms has been there and done that. I've seen everything, trust me. So listen up! Let me just say this: The dorms can either be a rewarding and revitalizing experience for first-timers or a horrific nightmare. Here are some tips to make it the former. The key to living in any dormitory, CSULB's...

Long Beach sweeping frustrating, irritating

Bradley Zint

August 9, 2006

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You wanna know what I think? I think the street sweeping in the city of Long Beach is a scam. For those of you who live in this city like I do, you know exactly what I'm talking about. And I'm sure it disgusts you equally, if not more so, than it does me. Here's the real deal. The city of Long Beach wants to sweep its dirty gutters and streets - a lot. So it has placed signs all around the city, even in the suburban areas,...

Letter to the Editor – NASCAR diversity closing in on the finish line

Jason Kosareff

August 2, 2006

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In response to the article by Patrick Creaven, "NASCAR needs its Tiger Woods" in the July 27 online edition of the Daily Forty-Niner, I am a white-collar professional and former Cal State Long Beach student who never thought he would find himself a fan of NASCAR. One day, sitting bored at home with nothing to watch but the last 10 laps of a NASCAR Superspeedway race, I discovered that near 200 mph racing, with lots of bum...

Heat wave sweeps L.B., the nation and world

Aneya Fernando

July 26, 2006

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So, I guess we just can't take a hint, can we? The ozone layer is thinning frighteningly fast, thousands of polar bears are dying, the polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate, but no, there's no such thing as global warming, right? Well, ladies and gentlemen, if none of that information directly affected you, how about the sweltering summer we've been having not just in the United States, but around the world? Don't...