In 2020, actions must speak louder than words

It is absolutely worth listening to rhetoric, as it can be revelatory about how a candidate thinks. We cannot read a candidate’s mind, but examining what they have done can help reveal what they truly care about.

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LBSU needs to put its money where its mouth is

When Long Beach State students look back on their time at this school, instead of remembering that our volleyball team received a championship title or that we’re one of the only universities with shark tanks on campus, their memories will be filled with broken escalators and the lack of a mascot. Long Beach State should spend its funds on improving the academic experience, not on escalators and rebranding the university. Last June, former California Governor Jerry Brown increased state funding for the California State University system, allowing room for about 4,000 more students to enroll statewide. While that sounds positive, this means classes will increase in size and courses will fill up faster. To accommodate these changes, LBSU will need to spend more money on new infrastructures and hiring staff. Instead the university is spending on the new mascot campaign and repairing escalators that never seem to work regardless. Incoming students may be unaware of the university’s current financial situation, but upperclassmen know that last year the commencement ceremony was moved from the Central Quad to the Athletic Soccer Field and live music was almost cut in order to save money due to proposed budget cuts. According to President Jane

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