In defense of LBSU’s construction problem

My first semester at Long Beach State was Fall 2016. From then until now, I’m not sure if there’s been a single day when some kind of construction wasn’t happening on campus. Construction can be loud, ugly and in some cases incredibly inconvenient; but ultimately, it’s necessary. I’m not saying I enjoy the disruption that construction brings, because I agree that it’s super annoying, but I think we as a campus community should try to see the big picture. As a student, you’re only going to spend a few years maximum at a university. This might feel like a long time, but university lifespans are measured in decades, not years. In some cases they’re measured in centuries. Because of this, institutions have to consider the long run when thinking about facilities and maintenance. Construction of a modern state of the art building doesn’t take a week; it could take years. Long Beach State is in a season of looking toward the future. From the mascot change to the Beach 2030 initiative, we’re trying to figure out exactly what the school’s identity is going to be in the coming decades. The reality is, there probably aren’t very many students, faculty or

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Amazon’s get rich scheme

My conscience won’t let me order things off of Amazon anymore and I’ve got a few reasons why. The company treats its employees like garbage, and I believe billionaires should be illegal while the majority of the population is struggling for money. What I don’t get is why more people aren’t as bothered by Amazon’s sketchy business practices as I am, even after all of the scandals keep coming to light. Sure, free two-day shipping is amazing, but is it still worth it knowing that Amazon warehouse workers have to pee in bottles to make their quota for the day? I thought everyone agreed sweatshops were inhumane, and what Amazon is doing to its employees is pretty comparable. A Reddit user who works for Amazon said that in his first week working there, two people collapsed from dehydration. All his managers did was complain that they had to fill out a report, like they’re the victims here. Surely, the victim isn’t the warehouse employee passed out in their own pee. Personally, I am not okay with subjecting 566,000 people to such horrible working conditions to make a rich man richer. We all know that Jeff Bezos isn’t the best guy

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Valentine’s Day is a capitalist’s paradise

Valentine’s Day is the greatest thing to ever happen to America. The stuffed, life-size pandas that you have no chance of fitting through your front door, the immaculate, look-alike ice sculptures that keep their shape for an entire eight minutes before melting and the overpriced 54 course meals are just a few of the aspects that make the holiday so spectacular.   Even when you are alone and have no one to share it with, Valentine’s Day can still be a wonderful experience. Seeing couples showcase their love on social media and being constantly surrounded with other people’s love does wonders to make you feel cared about.   I imagine it’s the same feeling the Rams players and fans had in the Super Bowl this year when they lost. The entire Rams nation was ecstatic to witness the true greatness of the Patriots. Experiencing Tom Brady and Coach Bill Belichick win together reminded the Rams that watching the other team win is just as satisfying as winning themselves. In the same way, lonely people on Valentine’s Day are able to magically absorb the love other people have and become overwhelmed with joy. The worst part is the extreme amounts of

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No mascot, no problem

We need a new mascot, we don’t need a new mascot. I’ll solve the problem; how about no mascot? Associated Students Inc. launched its web-based mascot search Monday morning, and I’m sure they’ll receive a ton of serious ideas ranging from escalators to mummies. All memes aside, this raises a bigger issue, why should we be forced to submit to one symbol? Long Beach State prides itself on its diverse student body, faculty and community. According to College Factual, LBSU ranks 190 out of 2718 in the nation for ethnic diversity among universities, beating out all other California State Universities. So it only makes sense to honor that diversity by not squeezing ourselves into a giraffe suit. It’s ironic that LBSU Athletics has already adopted this model, seeing as a mascot’s main purpose is to represent sports teams. The baseball team calls itself the Dirtbags, while the men’s basketball team has ascended LBSU and rebranded itself as a team of the city, as made evident by its new LBC jerseys. Women’s soccer, women’s volleyball and others have latched onto the Beach, which has been widely used for sports attire and cheers. Ask the men’s volleyball team how they’ve been doing

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Bernt out on Bernie Sanders

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders is considering running again, but I don’t think he’s what America needs anymore. 2020 is approaching fast and there are already many candidates vying for presidency. The next President of the United States will be making decisions for me, you and the rest of the country. While Sanders has not confirmed whether or not he is running for president, he has been making some pretty big strides toward a possible campaign, according to Politico. Last election season, I was definitely pro-Sanders. I’ve always believed him to be a progressive man with good ideas. However, since his last run, there have been some controversies surrounding Sanders that make me think he may not be the best candidate after all. Sen. Sanders has recently received flack for giving a rebuttal to the address on Facebook after President Donald’s Trump’s State of the Union Address. The Democratic Party officially gave that honor to former Minority Leader of the Georgia House of Representatives Stacey Abrams, but Sanders delivered his rebuttal anyway. It seemed to me like Sanders was trying to take the spotlight from a woman in hopes of gaining publicity to advance his political agenda. This didn’t bode well

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Tape your webcams and delete the internet

If you look around anywhere in a public space, you’re bound to find people covering their laptop webcam with stickers or band aids, which is funny and meme-worthy on the surface, joking about an imaginary FBI agent that spies on them on social media. But I think these jokes are rooted in reality. People don’t really do enough to prepare for an invasion of privacy as they’re posting every aspect of their lives on the internet. Laptops and phones have become essential to people because we use them for almost everything ranging from medical emergencies to staying connected with family and friends. It is important to know these devices also make people vulnerable if they’re not careful. Being cautious with what you put on the internet should be important to everyone. Digital security is the reason people can safely use online banking and social media without the risks of identity theft and fraud. If you want to be social media famous by sharing all sorts of information on your profile such as e-mail, birthday and phone number, you should realize that it is easier for some hacker to tap into your information and ruin your life financially or mentally.

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Come on LBSU, you pay for it you should use it

Looking at the cost of tuition can be scary, but often times we just attribute it to the fact that college is expensive without paying attention to what the money actually goes toward. We are pushed into a frenzy to register for classes in an impacted college system, then have the added pressure of passing those classes while balancing work and family. And not to mention we’re broke because the tuition we pay for all of these stressful classes is expensive. But rather than complain about something we can’t change overnight, it’s more beneficial to take advantage of all the services that exist that we’re already paying for. Instead of coming to class and heading back home right away, why not stop at any of the many services this campus offers? These services help with both our physical and mental well-being to make us the best and most productive students we can be. Some services students tend to overlook are the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, the Office of Wellness and Health Promotion and Counseling and Psychological Services. The SRWC seems like a no brainer. Not only does part of our tuition help fund it, but it’s a beautiful facility

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In the search for a new mascot, LBSU is missing the big picture

The conversation over which woodland creature or campus landmark best represents us is a fun and ultimately harmless diversion from the stress of a new term, but it’s still distracting from a larger issue. We, as a campus community, are failing to address the fact that the retirement of Pete the Problematic Prospector is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the changes in Long Beach State’s future. The decision to retire Pete came from an Associated Students Inc. resolution from March 2018, and the language in that resolution isn’t limited to only the change of mascot. It stated that Long Beach would dissociate itself from “all aspects that glorify the gold rush era; be it the mascot, merchandise, statues, promotional material, events, or phrase 49er.” If you’ve ever set foot on the Long Beach State campus, you know that would mean a lot of changes. We’re not just talking about moving a statue. We’re talking about a campuswide revamp of the entire school’s image. The Nugget, The Outpost, The 49er Shops and even the publication you are currently reading may have to undergo changes to conform to these new standards. Changes like this need to be clearly

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