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Associated Students Inc. to fight possible tuition hike

Meghan McGillicuddy, Staff Writer

October 20, 2016

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The Associated Students, Inc. Senate denounced the idea of an increase in tuition for Cal State Long Beach during its meeting last night. ASI Vice President Logan Vournas announced there could be a tuition increase for the 2017-2018 academic year for all 23 colleges in the California State University System. The exact amount of the increase is not yet known although the amount will not exceed $270 for undergraduate students an... Read more »

Pre-election roundtable talks ballot measures

Xochitl Abarca, Staff Writer

October 19, 2016

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Legalized marijuana and taxes were up for debate at the Long Beach Pre-Election Political Roundtable hosted by the Long Beach Chapter of the Bruin Professionals Wednesday morning. The roundtable, which took place in Downtown Long Beach, featured Long Beach Vice-Mayor Rex Richardson and Hermosa Beach Mayor Hany Fangary as guest speakers. The Bruin Professional group is a UCLA alumni club dedicated to the development of ... Read more »

Cal State University system proposes first tuition increase in five years

Miranda Andrade-Ceja, Managing Editor

October 19, 2016

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News of a potential Cal State University tuition increase broke on Facebook after California State Student Association advocacy officer Sarah Bentley posted a status detailing the proposed cost hike. CSSA is a student-advocacy organization that lobbies in Sacramento each year for the CSU system. There is an optional payment of a $2 CSSA fee on MyCSULB. The increase would be implemented for the 2017-2018 school year. With th... Read more »

Wheels up, feet down

Caitlyn Mendoza, Staff Writer

October 18, 2016

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Students coasting across campus on skateboards or scootering their way to class now have more than crowded walkways and narrow turns slowing their trips. Across campus, signs featuring Kevin Hart, a posed lemur and “pedestrian zone” warnings are set up to keep congestion to a minimum. The Risk Management Department of Cal State Long Beach has received complaints from employees who have been injured in accidents involving skateboards or bicycles. There were 45 accide... Read more »

Going green in October

Amber Costa, Staff Writer

October 18, 2016

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October is not just about orange and black – it is also green, thanks to Cal State Long Beach’s Campus Sustainability Month, a month to raise awareness on how to make the campus more sustainable. Associated Students Inc.’s Sustain U committee advocates for CSULB to be a more sustainable campus. Thursday, the Sustain U committee met to discuss its plans for this month, mainly the Campus Sustainability Showcase an... Read more »

Undocumented students and the pursuit of higher education

Elizabeth Campos, Staff Writer

October 18, 2016

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The reality of undocumented students differs from those of United States citizens as the opportunities provided are limited – and graduate school is no exception. From having to reveal immigration status, going through the loops of public and private schools to see how “undocufriendly” they are, to seeking financial resources — undocumented students have to take extra steps when pursuing higher education. “Undocufriendly”... Read more »

On the propositions: Proposition 61

Navy Keophan, Staff Writer

October 18, 2016

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Voters will be deciding whether or not to regulate prescription drug prices in the state of California this November. If passed, Proposition 61, also known as the Drug Price Standards Initiative, would require state agencies to pay the same prices that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs pays for prescription drugs. Currently, state agencies in California negotiate drug prices with manufacturers in order to try to rec... Read more »

The Cal State University system talks budget and graduation

Selena Gonzalez, Staff Writer

October 17, 2016

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The Cal State University system held a live student media web conference Friday morning in order to give an update on several topics concerning the student body. The main topics discussed by the panelists were the CSU budget, student leadership and academics. The panel of presenters featured Ryan Storm, CSU assistant vice chancellor for budget; Rob Shorette, California State Association executive director; James T. Minor, CS... Read more »

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