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LB youth to be trained for eco-friendly jobs

Schwarzenegger approves funding for job training for Long Beach citizens

Alexandra Rousso, Assistant City Editor

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The city of Long Beach will match more than $10 million in regional resources to offer job training for American youth, concentrating on 1,500 at-risk young adults, economic expansion in California and construction of a cleaner environment.

According to the governor’s office, the city of Long Beach was awarded $935,797 two weeks ago after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger approved stimulus funding for Workforce Investment Board’s Green Job Corps.

Ten California workforce organizations and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 signed by the administration in February were also granted $11 million in stimulus funding.

“I’m delighted to see these recovery act funds awarded to Long Beach and our regional partners,” said Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster. “These funds will help provide important training to our youth in the emerging green economy.”

The Pacific Gateway Workforce Investment Network received nearly $6.4 million in federal funds in order to train and develop the skills of workers in high-demand industry sectors.

“This innovative use of recovery funds for the network’s Green Job Corps Initiative will serve dual purposes: the growth of a regional green job economy and the training of 125 at-risk youth, ages 16 to 24, in green and eco-friendly industries,” Workforce executive director Bryan Rogers told CNN.

According to the Long Beach Post, city officials said, “Long Beach-based Green Job Corps partners will match the federal funds with resources, resulting in almost $2 million in green job training and community service opportunities in the area.”

About 1,200 people from ages 14 to 24 will be involved with this summer’s youth programs and put back to work. These programs will take place in Long Beach, Torrance and the areas in between.

Statewide, 47,000 people will be given the opportunity to work for nonprofit organizations, public sector agencies and businesses, which will help people who have been laid off from their jobs improve their resumes and get back into the workforce.

According to Rogers, there are 50 One-Stop career centers throughout Southern California, which are sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor. The One-Stop Career Center will provide retraining, career counseling and help in improving job skills.

“They don’t understand what kind of skills they have or how they can transfer,” Rogers said. “We have to re-educate [individuals] with how valuable they are.”


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