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Boat trailer stolen from CSULB’s Microbiology building

A CSULB boat trailer is stolen on campus, and students are dispersed after rallying in support of a professor whose contract

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A CSULB boat trailer is stolen on campus, and students are dispersed after rallying in support of a professor whose contract "was not being renewed."

Athena Mekis, Assistant City Editor

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CSULB boat trailer is stolen on campus


Microbiology Department staff reported on Sept. 9 the theft of a boat trailer valued at $11,000 from the department’s loading dock, according to University Police Capt. Fernando Solorzano. The department uses boats for field research. There are no suspects. Solorzano said someone had to use a vehicle with a tow hitch to move the trailer. The case is under investigation.

Student protest at Brotman Hall is dispersed


About 12 students from a professor’s class rallied on Sept. 9 for a faculty member whose “contract was not being renewed,” Solorzano said. Police dispersed the students from Brotman Hall. They were peaceful and cooperative, according to Solorzano.


Parking-permit pirate is discovered



A forged parking permit was discovered in a vehicle parked in Parking Lot 11-B.

Forged parking permits are created by  students who attempt to duplicate the current parking permit, using computers. Parking officers are trained to distinguish real from fake permits, Solorzano said.

In the past, Cal State Long Beach permits had a “void” sign on the permit so that those attempting to copy a permit could not easily do so, Solorzano said. The current forgery case is under investigation.

CSULB student’s father notices his son’s truck has two missing seats

Two bucket seats valued at $1,700 were stolen from a student’s Chevrolet Tahoe.

The student reported that the theft could have occurred between Sept. 7-9. His father noticed on Sept. 9 that the seats in the third row were missing. The suspect used an unknown tool to break the vehicle’s rear latch, Solorzano said. The case is under investigation.

Vehicle gets burglarized at CSULB

An unknown suspect entered a student’s secured vehicle on Sept. 9 and stole two BlackBerry Bold cell phones and two textbooks, Solorzano said. The student’s 1999 Ford Mustang was parked in Parking Structure 1, level 3. The total estimated loss is $1,200. Solorzano advises students to conceal their valuables left inside of their vehicles.

Vehicle gets ‘sharp-edged’

On Sept. 14, a 1977 yellow Volkswagen bus was scratched on the driver-side door panel with a “sharp-edged tool,” Solorzano said. University Police have classified the incident as malicious mischief. The damage costs an estimated $300.

University Police resolve verbal disputes at CSULB

Several verbal disputes have occurred in the past few weeks, including lewd comments and parking disputes.

  • On Sept. 3, a male made a lewd comment to a female in front of the University Bookstore, resulting in a verbal altercation, Solorzano said. Police escorted the man off campus.
  • On Sept. 9, the Parking and Transportation Services coned off a parking space for Jasper Oliver, a Charter Communications employee, in Parking Lot 7. When a male driver moved the cones to park in the reserved space, a female stood in the way, not allowing the driver to park in the reserved space, Solorzano said. A bystander observed the incident and called police, who settled the situation with both parties leaving the area.
  • On Sept. 10, a man in his 60s banged on vehicles near Palo Verde Avenue and Anaheim Street while yelling at students, Solorzano said. The Long Beach Police Department arrived on the scene and took the man into custody.

Lost and found

A brown wallet was found with an ID matching the name of “Leo Cliff Hunt Jr.” It is located at the University Police’s main station near Palo Verde Avenue.

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