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Fake cop steals police property at CSULB

Jack Chavdarian, Staff Writer

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University Police discovered a man impersonating a police officer Oct. 26. He was parked in a car that resembled a police vehicle in Parking Structure 3, University Police Lt. Brown said. The car also contained Cal State Long Beach University Police property such as cones and police vests. University Police recovered the items immediately and the man was judicially cited for stolen property and then released.

Four suicide calls made in two weeks

University Police transferred a suicidal woman to a local hospital when she explained to University Police how she planned to kill herself. University Police received the call about the student who displayed suicidal behavior in the Counseling and Psychological Services office in Brotman Hall, room 226 on Oct 25. Brown said she displayed that her sanity was out of her hands and that she was no longer in control of herself. Therefore, it was mandatory that she be given medical attention.

Another suicidal student was reported at Counseling and Physiological Service (CAPS) on Oct. 22, Brown said. The student was displaying suicidal behavior. After interviewing with police, the student volunteered to be taken to a medical facility off-campus for further psychological care.

Two weeks ago University Police received two suicide calls on Oct. 11 and Oct. 18.

Non-student preaches in classroom

A subject was arrested for disturbing a lecture in the College of Business Administration room 125 on Oct. 25, Brown said. The subject, who had no relations to CSULB, walked into the classroom and started preaching scripture. When police arrived, they escorted the subject out. He told police that he would go right back into the classroom when police left. Upon this information, police arrested the man for disturbance.

Keyed after confrontation

A student contacted University Police after she discovered that her car had been keyed after she engaged in a parking lot confrontation Oct. 21, Brown said. The student had accidentally dinged the suspect’s car while parking and then, reportedly confronted her. The student feels the confronting party was the one who keyed her car as a result of the accident. However, the student did not desire to file a report for vandalism.

Bike and iPhone thefts

A man reported his road bike was stolen Oct. 25. He had locked the bike at a bike rack between Language Arts building 1 and the main Library, Brown said. The bike was valued at $800 and the case is under investigation.

A second bicycle was reported stolen from the bike racks near the Horn Center Oct. 21, Brown said. The loss is valued at $1,200 and the case is under investigation.

A student reported her iPhone stolen from the classroom after she stepped out Oct. 21, Brown said. The case is under investigation.

Offensive language

Police were called to Lecture Hall 151 on Oct. 21, when a student reported being threatened by another student in the classroom, Brown said. After police interviewed the students, they determined that the student was offended by what the other student said. No crime was committed because no threat was made. Brown said police can’t arrest someone just for offending someone else.

Continuous false reports

A man has a long history of calling University Police and the Long Beach Police Department about a man reportedly seen with a knife. University Police received another one of these calls Oct. 21 about a man reportedly seen with a knife at Residential Learning College 202, Brown said. However, when police arrived at the scene, no suspect could be located.

Trash can fire extinguished

University Police put out a trash can fire in the Residential Learning College Oct. 27, Brown said. He suspects that someone who carelessly threw a cigarette into the bin started the fire. Brown said trash can fires aren’t uncommon on campus, and they happened more frequently before proper cigarette disposals were installed.

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