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CSULB receives highest number of fall applications in CSU

Noah Kelly, Staff Writer

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Of the 23 CSU campuses, Cal State Long Beach has received the most number of applications for the fall 2011 semester.

Still, budget woes plague admission letters and enrollment.

CSULB received 70,536 applications for fall 2011, which tops the number of applications received throughout 2006-2009. However, 2010 retains the highest number of applications in recent years with nearly 9,000 more than 2011, according to the Institutional Research and Assessment admissions report.

Last year, CSULB received 79,715 applications and sent out 25,142 admissions letters. Of those letters of acceptance, only 8,920 students chose to enroll. The enrollment number has increased since 2009, but it is still about 1,500 students less than 2008.

“At this point, we don’t know how many students we can enroll,” director of media relations Rick Gloady said.

The budget appears to have at least a $20 billion shortfall, Gloady said, but the numbers won’t be entirely clear until around January, when Governor Elect Jerry Brown makes his first budget proposal.

“When we hear what the budget is going to be, we will be in a much better position to judge [admission numbers],” Gloady said.

Even when the 2011-2012 budget is proposed, the budget will still have to go through a May revisal time. By then, admission letters will all have been sent out.

Gloady acknowledged that there could be a difference in numbers from January to May, but he said he has never encountered a situation that would force CSULB to rescind any of their admission letters.

While last year’s total number of applicants was higher, there are 2,000 more first-time freshmen applicants this year. In 2010, 47,673 first-time freshmen applied for the fall semester. On the other hand, this year, 49,764 applications were received, according to the Institutional Research and Assessment report.

The number of transfer students, while still smaller than 2010, is considerably greater than 2009 or previous years. There were 20,039 transfer applications this year, down from the 21,731 in 2010, but much higher than the 2009 number of 14,692.

The final number of admission letters sent out will be determined early next year.


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