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New CSULB ASI group to lobby for higher ed

Kasia Hall, Assistant City Editor

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A resolution to create the third largest board under the Associated Students Inc. legislative branch was passed Feb 9.

The Proposed Bylaw Amendment for Lobby Corps — sponsored by Vice President Lucy Nguyen — will form a lobby corps to represent Cal State Long Beach on local, state and federal levels.

The process of creating the Lobby Corps has been in the works for almost a year, according to ASI President James Ahumada.

ASI Bylaws already authorize the creation of a lobby corps but Ahumada said the passage of the bill will provide structure and organization, expounding on a one-sentence bylaw.

In research for the Lobby Corps, student executives observed what other ASIs had implemented on their campuses and found that CSU Fullerton has the strongest Lobby Corps, Ahumada said. Ahumada said he believes strength in the Lobby Corps will come from lobbying locally.

“The local visits shouldn’t really cost money,” Ahumada said. “For me, I think the cost of losing higher education is the bigger issue. Lobby visits are really necessary to make any action happen. I don’t see funds drawing away from students.”

The budget for Lobby Corps would come from the budget already allocated to the Secretary of System Wide Affairs.

One of the main roles of Lobby Corps is to “track and recommend pertinent legislation concerning the students to the ASI Senate.” In response, the ASI Senate would write a resolution either in favor or against the legislation.

Ahumada said resolutions do indeed make a difference if they are acted upon, such as presenting a resolution to a legislator.

The Lobby Corps would have three subcommittees: Environmental Affairs Committee, Legislative Research Committee and the Lobby Corps Campaign Committee.

Once signed by Ahumada, the seven voting members of Lobby Corps — the Chief of Staff, Secretary of System Wide-Affairs, three Senators elected by the Senate and two Students-at-Large appointed by the ASI President and confirmed by the Senate — will meet to discuss publicizing the newly founded board to encourage students to participate.

Under the current working rules, Lobby Corps plans to meet Mondays at 5:30 p.m.


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