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ASI campaigns funded out of pocket

Kasia Hall, Assistant City Editor

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Candidates in the recent Associated Students Inc. election signed a voluntary pledge to cap campaign spending at $750, but the candidate who spent the most, treasurer-elect Michael Quibuyen, only used $350.

Students running for ASI executive positions used their own money and were not reimbursed for money spent campaigning.

There was no official limit to the amount candidates could spend on campaigning. However, they all signed the voluntary spending limit pledge.

Quibuyen spent his money primarily on Facebook advertisements, which added up to $180. His remaining $170 was spent on posters, stakes and laminating various papers.

ASI Vice President Lucy Nguyen said her ticket, which included Stephen Thomas and Justin Lawson, spent a total of $600.

The largest portion of the funds, $200, went to posters and stakes. The second highest portion went to shirts, totaling $150. Nguyen’s team only spent $25 on Facebook advertisements. The remaining $225 was spent on a Google website, buttons and handbills.

Nguyen attributed her savings to volunteers for her campaign. The ticket spent $300 less than when Nguyen ran for vice president last year.

“We have a really supportive team — people who have a lot of skill sets,” Nguyen said. “I am a business major so I know a lot of marketers, so a lot of them were willing to donate a lot of their time in assisting us in putting this campaign together.”

Vice presidential candidate Melissa Molina spent a total of $76, mostly on a sign layout that was posted on Facebook, but not around campus.

Presidential candidate Alyssa Gelinas did not return the Daily 49er’s phone calls or emails.


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