Students offered free health services over break

Ryah Cooley, Staff Writer

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Students who are enrolled at Cal State Long Beach during the fall and spring semesters will have free access to Student Health Services during winter session even if they’re not taking classes over break.

Rasulkumar Zodse, a first year computer science graduate student, plans to use SHS’ services over winter break if it’s needed, like for a flu shot. Zodse lives in Long Beach near CSULB.

Michael Carbuto, director of SHS, said that making appointments over winter session is convenient for students who are local because “they can get an appointment any day and there’s very little waiting during that time of year.”

During the summer, continuing students who are not enrolled in summer school can pay a $45 fee to have access to SHS. According to Carbuto, students not taking classes have to pay a fee in the summer and not during winter session because CSULB is a year round campus and summer is treated as one of three semesters, while winter session is not considered a separate semester. Carbuto also went on to say CSULB has the lowest SHS fee in the entire CSU system.

Hope Riley, a junior international studies major, said the $45 fee for summer isn’t that bad compared to what you might pay elsewhere, but she thinks students shouldn’t have to pay it at all.

“It doesn’t seem fair that you can get it [for free] over winter, but not over summer,” Riley said. “It’s nice to know that [the fee’s] not outrageous, but I guess you’d like to save money anywhere you can.”

Riley, who lives a mile away from campus, went on to say that she’ll probably go to SHS over winter break if she gets sick.

Charles Chhang, a junior engineering major, lives in northern Long Beach, but he won’t be visiting SHS during winter session.

“I have a family doctor that I’m more comfortable with,” Chhang said

According to Carbuto, approximately 900 students visit SHS during winter break. During the regular semester, an average of 950 students visit SHS per week.

SHS will be closed for the holidays on Dec. 24, 2011 through Jan. 2, 2012. It will re-open on Jan. 3, 2012.

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