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CSULB alumna designs accessories line

Designer Sachiko Muramatsu stands next to her periwinkle collar necklace, which is called

Courtesy of Sachiko Muramatsu

Designer Sachiko Muramatsu stands next to her periwinkle collar necklace, which is called "Leah," while wearing a pair of Emerald earrings called "Biloba."

Elizabeth Schmidt, Staff Writer

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A year after graduating in 2010, Cal State Long Beach alumna Sachiko Muramatsu decided to start her own vintage jewelry and accessory line. Two years later, her line is now showcased in nine boutiques throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.

Muramatsu graduated from CSULB with a degree in fashion merchandising and design. She said that after many experiences in the design world, she decided to start her own accessories line, Sachi Love.

According to Muramatsu, it was very challenging to start her own company, but the classes she took at CSULB helped her.

“All the design and sewing classes helped me understand the importance of quality,” Muramatsu said. “They didn’t offer jewelry classes for design merchandising majors, but learning different patterns helped me know how to create a specific design for the target market.”

Suzanne Marshall, a family and consumer sciences professor and previous instructor of Muramatsu, said the accessories designer is bright, fun and hardworking.

“She did excellent work, which she showed in our fashion show,” Marshall said. “I gave her opportunities for leadership, internships and travel abroad.”

Marshall said that the accessories line suits Muramatsu because it’s very cool and trendy.

“My dream was to start my own line, and I didn’t know what it would be at first because I loved the idea of designing clothes,” Muramatsu said.

After finishing multiple freelance design projects and designing for Groove Footwear, she decided to launch Sachi Love.

“My line didn’t really develop until 2012, and I started working on it in 2011,” she said. “It was very challenging at first. I made headbands and accessories, and it slowly turned into a business.”

According to Muramatsu, Sachi Love includes jewelry like earrings and necklaces along with hair accessories.

“I’m trying to grow my business, and Sachi Love is currently in nine boutiques all over [Orange County] and LA,” she said. “My goal is for Sachi Love to be in stores in San Francisco, San Diego and maybe even New York one day.”

Muramatsu said that the first store to carry Sachi Love was in Downtown Long Beach.

“The first store Sachi Love went in was the Blu Button Boutique, and I had a mutual friend who knew the owner,” Muramatsu said. “I had to build relationships with the owners and buyers of other boutiques to get my name out there.”

Esther Kim, the owner and manager of Blu Button Boutique, has carried Sachi Love’s collections for more than a year.

“I think it is a beautiful line, and [Muramatsu is] very talented,” Kim said. “Everybody loves her stuff, and her collections range so much so that different types of girls buy her jewelry and are drawn to it.”

Muramatsu said she tries to change up the collections every few months depending on the trend and the season.

“Certain styles will last for four to six months; the spring trends can last longer than winter since we live in Southern California,” Muramatsu said. “I’ve really been obsessed [with] Pantone colors. I really like turquoise and emerald right now, but I’m also about mixing colors.”

Muramatsu said the prices for different pieces in her collection can range from $20 to $75.

“I make everything myself, and I sort the materials in LA,” Muramatsu said. “It’s not mass-produced like other lines. Each piece is different, and I dye and hand-make every piece.”

She said that she has had a lot of support throughout the entire process of starting her own accessories line.

“My boyfriend, friends and family have supported me,” Muramatsu said. “A lot of people liked my designs, asked me if I could make a career out of it, so I said ‘why not,’ and it went from there.”

More information on Muramatsu’s accessories line can be found at www.sachilove.com.

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