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ASI points students to computer labs

Daniel Serrano, Assistant City Editor

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During finals week, the most common places for computer use on campus comes down to two locations: the Horn Center and the University Library. But many students, like junior psychology major Cassie Conlin, find that the time it takes to reach these places can be an issue.

“I hate walking all the way to the library,” she said, “especially because I have to park so far away.”

To combat the problem, Associated Students Inc. officials are compiling a list of all computer labs available to students on campus, a list that may soon make traveling across Cal State Long Beach’s 322-acre campus for a computer a thing of the past.

The list, which is being put together by ASI Senator Brandon White and Associate Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students Jeff Klaus, will include the locations of computer labs, hours of operation and restrictions of use, with certain labs being limited to specific majors.

“We think it’s something that would be useful for students,” Klaus said. “We want to know where [the computer labs] are located and which ones are accessible to all students.”

Klaus said most colleges have computer labs for their students, and using those labs can be more convenient than walking to either the Horn Center or the library.

Klaus said that the topic of computer labs on campus arose during a conversation with White. After a few minutes, both Klaus and White realized no resource existed to clearly show students where the computer labs are on campus.

“It surprises me that [a lab list] doesn’t exist already,” Klaus said. “Things like this are very helpful.”

The list, Klaus said, aims to centralize computer lab information in a way similar to the tutoring information made available on the student services website last year. He said prior to the creation of these resources, tutoring information was spread out and difficult for students to find; now the locations of all tutoring centers on campus can be found on a single page.

Klaus said although he doesn’t know if more students are now using the tutoring centers available to them, having more information available to students is always beneficial.

“When we empower students with information and resources, we empower those students with those resources, and that can only be a good thing,” he said.

To compile the list, Klaus said computer technicians for different colleges and departments within the campus are being contacted, as well as the departments themselves. When the list is completed, it will be made available on CSULB websites and will be announced through campus publications.

Information is still being gathered, and although there is no prospective finish date, Klaus said the list should be completed within the next few weeks.

“With this list, students would know, ‘Hey it’s 10 o’clock at night, what are my options? What other ones exist that might actually be closer to where I’m located?'” he said.

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