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ASI initiatives aim to spread the word in 50 classrooms, 100 clubs

ASI officers will give presentations to students throughout the semester.


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Associated Students Inc. is targeting 50 classrooms and 100 clubs.

The ASI Senate passed two resolutions last week that will require all ASI officers to reach out to students in 50 classes in 50 days as well as students in 100 clubs in 100 days.

Officers will give presentations in 50 different classes and 100 different clubs in an effort to inform students about ASI and the services available to them.

ASI Vice President Jonathon Bolin, who authored the resolutions, said he hopes students will engage with ASI and offer feedback that would communicate their needs.

“I want [student’s] opinions,” he said. “I want your criticisms, concerns. I want to know what students are thinking.”

Bolin said the initiatives date back to the first day of school, with completion of the 50 classes initiative due Nov. 1, and the 100 clubs initiative due Feb. 14. He said he expects to achieve the target amount of outreach long before the deadlines.

All ASI officers, including members of the legislative, executive and judiciary branches, will participate in the initiatives, which aim to encourage students to partake in extracurricular activities that suit their interests as well as spread awareness about ASI, Bolin said.

College of Health and Human Services Senator Kelly Bowen said she hopes to educate many students in her college through the initiatives.

“A lot of students don’t know what ASI is, or what [ASI] can do to help them,” Bowen said. “By going to the different organizations and classes, we just wanted to promote ASI awareness and tell the students there are people that represent you.”

Bowen said another reason many students might not be active on campus could be because CSULB is primarily a commuter school.

“[Students] don’t stay on campus a lot, so they may not be familiar with the resources that they can utilize … so a lot of people just come to class and then leave, and they’re not really involved or anything,” she said.

Some of the organizations ASI plans to encourage students to join include ASI Communications, Beach Team, the Daily 49er and K-Beach radio, according to Bowen.

Students who want to learn more about ASI are also asked to join Beach Team, a program in which students can shadow members of ASI and learn more about how the organization works, Bolin said.

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Senator Anh Tran said that although all officers are expected to participate in the initiative, there is no minimum requirement for the number of presentations officers must perform.

Tran said ASI will track which classes will be visited by ASI officers so more students can be reached. The presentations, which will be about four to five minutes in length, are designed to introduce students to ASI, provide important contact information and other helpful resources.

“At every turn, every corner, we’re hoping to reach out to the students,” Tran said.

ASI Chief of Staff Joseph Phillips said he feels confident that ASI officers will reach out to more than 50 classes in 50 days, and more than 100 clubs in 100 days.

“In the years before, there really was no connection outside of maybe ‘Coffee with the President,’” Phillips said, referring to an event put on by former ASI President Lucy Nguyen. “Now it’s more [about] getting ASI in your face, so you know what’s available to you and exactly where your fees are going.”

Phillips said he thinks students who don’t participate in ASI events aren’t taking full advantage of what’s available to them.

“We all pay the ASI fee,” Phillips said. “Essentially, if you aren’t partaking in the stuff that ASI puts on, and you’re not joining up, then those fees you’re just paying. It will help you in the long run. A college degree isn’t going to get you a job. It’s going to be what you do outside of school.”

While some senators have already spoken in classes and with organizations, ASI President John Haberstroh said he is finalizing details with a committee to organize when and where senators and other ASI officers will be speaking.

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