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Sigma Pi member cited for disorderly conduct

Activities at the fraternity have been momentarily stopped during the pending investigation.

Nicca Panggat, News Editor

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California State University officials have asked campus fraternity Sigma Pi to stop any events until further notice, following a citizen’s arrest of one of its members.

A Sigma Pi fraternity member at CSULB was cited for disturbing the peace early Sunday morning, according to the Long Beach Police Department.

“The team in student affairs were made aware of the incident, and they have since contacted the fraternity and spoke with the fraternity president and asked that they cease any activities for the time being,” said Mike Uhlenkamp, executive director of news at CSULB.

Marlene Arrona, a spokeswoman for the LBPD, said that a neighbor apprehended the student until the cops arrived.

Officers from the LBPD showed up at around 1 a.m. in response to calls concerning a loud party, Arrona said. Arrona noted that the party broke up once the police arrived.

Campus officials have already spoken with Sigma Pi about the incident, Uhlenkamp said.

Sigma Pi members declined to comment Tuesday.

Uhlenkamp said that Sigma Pi has received complaints from its neighborhood in the past, but has never had any major problems on campus.

“As you can imagine, when you put ‘x’ number of people in a house, things are going to take place,” Uhlenkamp said. “With that said, it is important that anyone, whether that it’s a student or someone affiliated with the campus, is serving as good neighbors and abiding by whatever the student rules are.”

Uhlenkamp said that having fraternities scattered around the city does “present more of a challenge” in monitoring and working with the organizations. The Sigma Pi house is located on Fourth Street, roughly two and a half miles away from campus.

“If they were closer, if they were here on campus, I could see that being a little bit less of an issue for the conduct issues,” Uhlenkamp said. “Then we’re that much closer to them and we have a much more robust relationship.”

Campus officials haven’t yet assigned any disciplinary actions and will hold off on doing so until a thorough investigation can be issued, Uhlenkamp said.

Arrona noted that the LBPD is still conducting its investigation on Sunday’s incident.

Uhlenkamp also said that the university is working with the LBPD to look into the citation as well.

“We’re looking at conduct things,” Uhlenkamp said. “If it’s determined that there were either student conduct or organizational conduct policies that were broken, then we would potentially discuss some sort of discipline with the fraternity, but we haven’t gotten to that point.”

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