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Crime blotter

Cars, bikes phones, and a purse stolen by thieves. Cars damaged and battery around campus.

Ross Siev, Staff Writer

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Thieves drive off with one car, break into another

Lt. Richard Goodwin of University Police said that a student reported his car stolen at Palo Verde Ave. on Nov. 5. The student parked his car on the east side of the street at 9:15 a.m., and when he returned to the area at 11:30 p.m., the car was missing. The car is described as a tan 1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass.

A student reported her car broken into at Lot 16 on Thursday. The victim, a 24-year old female, parked her Jeep at 8 a.m. and later discovered that someone cut a hole into the Jeep’s plastic window and moved some of her bags around at 10 a.m. Nothing was reported stolen.

Lifting Phones in the Gym

Two students reported that their phones have gone missing in the Student Recreation and Wellness Center on Nov. 4, Goodwin said. The first student said he left his phone at the basketball court bleachers, where he saw someone picking it up. His phone is described as a $400 Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The second student’s cellphone is described as a $400 black iPhone 6 with a blue case. Police and SRWC employees are currently investigating, Goodwin said.

Batteries reported

Police responded to a female and a male yelling at each other in their blue Toyota truck at the East Turn on Saturday around 1 p.m., Goodwin said. Police charged both subjects, with the male being charged for drug possession, and the female arrested with battery. The female subject was later booked at Long Beach City Jail. Goodwin suspects that the two subjects are not affiliated with the campus.

A girl reported battery when a man in a wheelchair pushed her while saying, “Little black, I know you didn’t move cause I was white” at Liberal Arts 1 on Friday, Goodwin said. The girl, who is blind, couldn’t give out any more description about the man, but University Police are searching for a suspect.

Purse snatcher

A student reported her purse stolen in the Library on Monday, Goodwin said. The student left the purse behind at a desk, and later discovered it missing at 4 p.m. The purse is described as a black zip-up, with unknown contents inside.

Man found sleeping in office

University Police responded to a call about a man sleeping in his office at Liberal Arts 4, the Daily 49er office on Nov. 11 at 5:48 a.m., Goodwin said. When police arrived, they found several beer bottles nearby and discovered that the man, Editor-in-chief Greg Diaz, was intoxicated. University Police cited Diaz and detained him until he was later released at 10 a.m.

“I went out with a few friends and had too much to drink, walked to campus and tried to sleep it off in my office,” Diaz said. “It’s obviously embarrassing for me and something I do apologize for.”

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