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Long Beach Mayor proposes sales tax increase for June ballot

Ten-year increase on sales tax will start at 1 percent, not merely an extra cent.

Jason Enns, Staff Writer

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According to a revised City Council agenda, Mayor Robert Garcia intended to propose a 1 percent increase on sales tax that would be in effect for six years, then decrease to .5 percent for another four years.

This was to clarify the mayor’s previous letter to City Council Thursday that requested the 10-year temporary revenue measure pose a one-cent increase followed by a half-cent increase. The letter did not clearly say the increase would be one cent for every dollar, so the revised agenda released on Monday explained that the requested increase is in fact 1 percent.

The extra revenue will help tackle a $2.8 billion deficit in unfunded infrastructure needs, as well as provide additional police and firefighter positions to combat the city’s rising crime rate.

According to survey information released by the city council, 67 percent of voters support the initiative to increase revenue. Voters also recognized protecting public safety funds and investing in infrastructure as their highest priorities for the extra income.

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