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Salud a la Vida/Cheers to Life! unable to keep up with condom demand

Center officials informs CSULB that there are other ways of promoting safe sex practices.

Condom dispenser in the third floor women’s bathroom in the University Student Union.

Condom dispenser in the third floor women’s bathroom in the University Student Union.

Terrah Starling | Daily 49er

Terrah Starling | Daily 49er

Condom dispenser in the third floor women’s bathroom in the University Student Union.

Abdiel Bustillo, Staff Writer

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With Cal State Long Beach’s student population at about 40,000, it should come as no surprise that the 2,800 condoms that are being dispensed weekly are not enough to provide for the entire student body.

Statistics show that of those who are using the dispensers, 93 percent are left without the opportunity of obtaining condoms.

Condoms are proving to be a high demand at CSULB.

The Salud a la Vida/Cheers to Life! project first kicked off back in February as part of a  two-year plan with an end goal of informing students of STDs, such as Hepatitis C and HIV, while promoting the practice of safe and protected sex by making condoms more accessible.

Dispensers were placed in five restrooms: the male and female restrooms on the second and third floors of the the University Student Union, the gender-neutral bathroom on the USU first floor and in the Student Recreation and Wellness Center’s locker rooms.

As of now, there are seven dispensers, all of which are filled with 100 condoms.

According to William Lucas, a graduate research student at CSULB, it was impossible to keep the condoms filled. Even when filled with 200 condoms, they would empty in a matter of hours.

Currently, Lucas fills the dispensers two times a day twice a week. The Center for Latino Community Health have explored regarding the possibility of filling the dispenser an additional day but such a program has yet to be set in motion.

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“After filling the dispensers, it is clear that students were enthusiastic about having condoms available on campus in such discrete locations,” Lucas said. “Our organization is dedicated to promoting safe sex practices non-judgmentally.”

According to the center’s initial proposal to establish the dispenser in the facilities, the Center has accepted all responsibility of maintaining the condom dispensers, even after the Salud a la Vida/Cheers to Life! Project concludes.

Center officials said they would like to remind CSULB’s student body that the dispensing of condoms, though helpful, is not the only way to promote safe sex practices.

“We are dedicated in the second phase of our program, in which we offer workshops that focus on safe sex, drug use, and partner communication skills, all of which are offered through fun and interactive games, role playing, and film watching among peers,” Lucas said.

Though the center’s workshop curriculum is geared toward Latinos, all people are able and encouraged to attend.

“Students gain a lot from the workshops and we are trying to spread the word about it across the campus,” Lucas said.

According to Center officials, the workshops offered will provide young adults with knowledge and skills for healthy lifestyles, risk reduction strategies, substance use and information on getting tested for HIV and HCV.

For further information, inquiries on events, and information on getting tested, visit the Center for Latino Community Health website.

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