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Crime blotter: sexual assault reported and statue stolen

Selena Gonzalez, Staff Writer

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Student Comes Forward After Sexual Assault

A female reported Friday that she was sexually assaulted in February. The reported suspect is someone she knows.

Student Stalked By Classmate

Tuesday afternoon, a female student reported that she was being stalked by a fellow classmate. The reported suspect texted her and called her repeatedly, while also waiting for her outside of class.

Student Backpack Stolen

A male freshman reported Tuesday at 8 p.m. that his backpack had been stolen from Parkside Dining Hall. The student’s backpack was left in a cubicle and contained his computer, a red Macbook.

Statue Taken from Campus

A statue outside of the Anatol Conference center in the Academic Services building was reported stolen on Sept. 15. The theft occurred between Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

Assault at Dorms

A male and female witness reported on Monday an altercation between two roommates at Beachside College.  The two heard an argument and called the University Police. Upon arrival, the witnesses told UPD that marijuana was being sold inside the dorm room of the suspects; however, the suspects had since left Beachside College.

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