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Crime Blotter: domestic violence and assault charges

Boyfriend arrested for assaulting girlfriend.

Selena Gonzalez, Staff Writer

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Boyfriend targets girlfriend:

A female reported her boyfriend SATURDAY to campus police for domestic violence. The suspect was arrested and charged. The incident happened at Los Alamitos Hall. The victim sustained a non permanent bodily injury. Both the victim and suspect were students.

Assault at Parkside Commons:

The University Police Department received a call Friday about a male who had assaulted a female friend at the George building at Parkside Commons. The suspect was beating the door of her room and hollering at her. He then proceeded to grab her by the shoulders as he tried to talk to her. The case was sent to judicial affairs as she did not wish to press charges.

Extortion call taken down as stalking:

A female reported Oct. 21 that a male was possibly trying to extort her. He was sending her harassing text messages. The incident was reported at Los Alamitos Hall.

Dating miscommunication:

A male was reported for stalking on Oct. 20 by a female he tried asking out. She said she felt verbally harassed and threatened by the suspect. The incident was not determined to be a crime. It happened at the USU.

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