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Crime Blotter: Grand theft auto and man with a knife

Student requests individual protection.

Selena Gonzalez, Staff Writer

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Car Stolen from parking lot:

A male student reported his vehicle stolen on Tuesday. The vehicle, a teal 1972 Chevy pickup, was taken from Parking Lot 11B, next to the Student Recreation and Wellness Center. He parked it at 9 a.m. and noticed it missing when he returned at 3:30 p.m. Another car had been parked in its spot and evidence was left at the scene.

Student threaten classmate:

A 31-year-old male student reported on Tuesday that another male classmate had made threats to him on two different occasions. The incidents happened at the Vivian Engineering Center. The suspect yelled at the victim that he would “get what’s coming to [him].” The victim wanted the incident documented and also requested a bodyguard.

Female student stalked by male student:

A female student reported on Monday that a male student was stalking her. She stated that on numerous occasions he had waited for her outside of the Student Success Center, where she works. The incident was reported at the College of Business Administration, the location of the victim’s class.

Male student with a knife:

A male student was reported on Nov. 9 for carrying a four inch fixed blade knife in his hand. He had on a black hoodie and blue jeans and was seen walking down the stairs of the northwest side of Parking Structure 1 near the Walter Pyramid. The suspect did not threaten anyone.

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