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Crime Blotter: Domestic violence in parking lot and graffiti in Theatre Arts Building

Suspect breaks window to access vehicle.

Selena Gonzalez, Staff Writer

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Domestic Violence Incident in Parking Lot:

A female and male were reported by staff Monday for a domestic violence incident. The incident took place in Parking Structure 1 located on Merriam Way. The two parties involved, who are both 20 years old, were seen arguing and pushing each other; however, only the female is a Cal State Long Beach student. A report was taken by University Police on the male suspect. He was advised under the Section Code 626, which states that if the suspect is seen again within the next week on campus, he will be arrested.

Restroom Vandalized:

Theater Arts staff reported Monday that one of their restrooms had been vandalized during the early hours of the morning. Someone wrote “A tranny teaches here” in the women’s restroom on the second floor. The incident is under investigation and there are no suspects at the moment.

Car Window Broken:

A university employee reported to UPD Saturday that his car had been broken into in Parking Lot 9 on Beach Drive. The driver’s side window was broken and the suspect had gone through the vehicle. The reporting party later found his belongings on the sidewalk on Palo Verde Avenue across from Parking Lot 11.

Skateboard Stolen:

A male student reported Dec. 1 that his skateboard had been stolen. He forgot his skateboard next to a red Honda Civic and found it inside another vehicle. No arrest was made, but the driver of a Chevy van was listed as the possible suspect.

Disgruntled student makes fuss in Daily 49er newsroom:

UPD responded to a complaint Monday that a male student was harassing the Daily 49er staff in their newsroom in Liberal Arts 4.  After being asked to leave by multiple staff members, UPD was called to escort him out. His information was taken by the officers on scene and he was released soon after.

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