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Student banned from CSULB following investigation

Police issue a sex offender advisory to notify campus community.

Valerie Osier, News Editor

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A student at Cal State Long Beach has been barred from campus following an investigation by campus administration.

CSULB police issued a campus-wide “registered sex offender advisory” to faculty, staff and students Monday night, but did not initially indicate that the offender, Juan Lucio Solis, was a student.

“We had sufficient information to believe that he posed a threat to some members of the campus, and for that reason, we moved forward in revoking his access,” CSULB Public Information Officer Terri Carbaugh said.

Solis is registered as a sex offender from a conviction of assault with the intent to commit rape in 2011, according to meganslaw.ca.gov. Carbaugh could not disclose what exactly Solis did recently to pose a threat to the campus because of federal law protecting Solis as a student, but “his behavior did warrant it,” she said.

“He’s been a subject of interest on this campus for a little bit of time. Things just kept going on,” Lieutenant Richard Goodwin of University Police said.

Carbaugh said that this is the first time in recent memory that the administration and UPD have issued a campus-wide sex offender advisory.

Goodwin also confirmed that he has never seen a notice like this in his career at CSULB.

“This is the first one that came to light here that we really felt like we needed to push this information out,” Goodwin said. “These decisions aren’t made lightly. When you’re putting someone’s information out there you want to make sure that everything’s lined up as it should be, which it is.”

The Daily 49er has been unable to reach Solis for comment.


Adam R. Thomas contributed to this article.

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