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City council vacates alley in downtown Long Beach

Officials move to fence off alley due to lack of public use.

Samantha Diaz, Staff Writer

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Long Beach City Council moved to vacate an alley between Elm avenue and Long Beach boulevard after deciding that there is no public use available for the alley.

City staff have been looking into possible uses for the alley since the item was first brought to the floor on March 7. Since then, the city has decided to fence off the area in order to prevent any unauthorized use of the alley.

The only public comment on the matter came from one unnamed female citizen at the session, who urged the council to consider using the alley in a way that could benefit the homeless. She proposed installing public showers and a food clinic in the empty space, claiming that there were many volunteers in the neighborhoods surrounding the lot that could help with the efforts.

Other council items:

  • Temporary limitation on the issuance of permits allowing unattended donation/recycling boxes
  • Fiscal year 2016 Port Security Grant Program received a $1,125,450 grant from the Department of Homeland Security
  • California Military Department will occupy empty lot on East 7 Street.

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