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Crime blotter – Arrests for assault, stalking on CSULB campus

Anoush Dehkordi/Flickr

Anoush Dehkordi/Flickr

Adam R. Thomas, Staff Writer

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Transient shoves surprised student

A homeless man with a bit of history among Cal State Long Beach’s University Police Department ran into trouble again when he pushed a female student just before noon on April 4.

The man, identified as 25-year-old Adrian Drannel Aglugub, was exiting the upper campus convenience store near the bookstore as the female CSULB student entered and tried to move around Aglugub. Aglugub then shoved the student according to the UPD officers who reviewed the incident on security camera footage later.

“She wasn’t injured,” said Lieutenant Richard Goodwin with the UPD. “It was really, from seeing this [on video] it was more of a . . . ‘What?!’ I mean if someone walks up to you and pushes you, you’re going to be confused. She had that look.”

Aglugub was arrested by officers of the UPD shortly thereafter, who was then charged with assault and battery and booked at Long Beach City Jail. Goodwin said that officers at the UPD had stated they had multiple run-ins with Aglugub before and the position of the UPD was to keep the CSULB student body informed about his presence as they pursued a legal restraining order to keep him off of campus.

“What we seek in cases like this when we go to court is what they call a ‘stay away’ order where a judge actually orders you not to come to our campus,” Goodwin said.

Aglugub is described as a white male with black hair, brown eyes, around 5 feet 6 inches and weighing approximately 145 pounds.

Stalker arrested, told not to return to CSULB

A non-student male suspect was arrested after a female student reported to the UPD that he had been threatening and stalking her at Parkside Commons last Thursday.

After taking a call from the female student, the male suspect was found in his car by UPD officers, who arrested him and brought him to the campus police station. There, they cited him for making repeated obscene phone calls, trespassing and loitering on private property – all charges brought by the female victim. The man was then released and given a warning not to return to CSULB, which was only possible due to his non-student status as the case would have otherwise been referred to Judicial Affairs.

According to Goodwin, the two had been in a prior relationship and the female victim had received numerous threatening calls from the male. She had even changed her phone number in order to stop him from calling her.

“The next step in this particular case is to prosecute this guy,” Goodwin said. “We’ve already started the criminal justice system in action by citing him. He will go to court, at which time she will be asked to testify. She can now seek a restraining order, or we can do emergency restraining orders.”

Vandalism continues in Parking Structure

A cross-beam and a trashcan were reported as vandalized with a visual design on the third floor of parking structure 3 last Friday. Campus facilities and maintenance were notified about the graffiti and removed it shortly thereafter.

This makes for the fourth case of vandalism on the walls of parking structure 3 since the semester began.

Two reports of stolen license plates

Two cases of missing or potentially stolen front license plates on the CSULB campus were reported to UPD last week.

The first incident occurred last Thursday night when a female victim returned to her vehicle in parking lot 3 near Brotman Hall to discover the missing plate. She reported the theft to the UPD that night around 8.

This was second report of a stolen plate to the UPD that day. An older man who had visited CSULB the day before returned to his residence and discovered that his license plate was missing. The older man had been parked at lot 9 in front of the Engineering Technology building.

“A criminal would steal a license plate so they could put it on [a stolen] car to ‘cold plate’ the car so it wouldn’t come back as stolen,” Goodwin said.

U-Locked bike stolen from Beachside

A male student reported that their blue Jamis road bike was stolen from a bike rack at the residential learning center at Beachside on Thursday. The bicycle was last seen by the student when he locked it up with a U-lock around 9 p.m. the previous night. When he returned the next day, he discovered the bike missing and another bicycle in its place.

“I will humble myself because I’m the one who constantly beats the drum about U-locks,” Goodwin said. “It sounds like criminals defeated the U-lock and took the bike. Bad guys can get ahold of U-locks and figure out how to defeat them. However, I still advocate for U-locks because as far as the locks out there go, it still seems to be the better one.”

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