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Documentary to shed light on Asian American undocumented immigrants

FUEL and the office of multicultural affairs will host an event and film screening on undocumented Asian American and Pacific Islanders.

Isabel Ramos, Staff Writer

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Undocumented immigration is a source of contention in the United States and today the focus of the topic will be the stories of Asian American immigrants.

Future Underrepresented Educational Leaders and the office of Multicultural Affairs are hosting an event today featuring the documentary, “Halmoni: A Story of an Undocumented Activist,” a panel discussion and a performance by singer, Julynn Kim. The event is today from 6 – 8 p.m. in the University Student Union ballrooms

“Throughout the media, undocumented Asian American & Pacific Islanders are left out of the conversation and aren’t given a voice in the same way that Latino immigrants are given. I want to diversify the conversation and include our AAPI brothers and sisters by highlighting their stories through the film screening, a student panel and a powerful performance,” said Luis Flores, third year political science major and FUEL president.

FUEL is a student organization in Cal State Long Beach, providing support for AB-540 and Undocumented students and their allies.

The documentary follows Ju Hong, an undocumented immigrant from South Korea, how he fights to stop the deportation of his community and how he faces being separated from most of his family.

Hong came with his mom and sister on a tourist visa in 2001. He didn’t discover that he didn’t have citizenship documentation until he couldn’t find his social security number while applying for college applications.

He became an activist for undocumented immigrants when he found out he and his family were undocumented and spoke out to stop the deportations and reunite immigrants with their families.

After the documentary there will be a panel of speakers featuring student speakers Bo Thai, Julie Yeeun Kim, Trina Pasumbal and Eunsoo Namkung Jeong.

They will be discussing their personal experiences as undocumented Asians in the United States.

Pasumbal is a representative of Asian Americans Advancing Justice, a nonprofit organization that provides legal services and training to immigrant communities across Southern California. She will be talking about advanced parole and how it has changed now that President Donald Trump is in office.

Thai and Jeong will discuss about their some of their artwork, which will be on display at the event.


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