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Suspicious survey conductor sparks concern at CSULB

Members of campus detail experiences of being asked to fill an uncomfortable sexuality questionnaire.


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Cal State Long Beach students, staff and faculty remain wary of a lewd survey conductor after a number of reports. In a campus advisory email blast, University Police warned the community of a suspicious male asking female students to fill out an unusual sexuality survey.

Chief of Police Fernando Solorzano said in the email, “The survey question becomes sexual, and responding parties have felt uncomfortable and begin to grow suspicious.”

Police say that the man identified himself as Aaron when approaching the students and is described as a Hispanic male in his twenties.

Many users of Cal State Long Beach subreddit have used the platform to voice their experiences with being approached by the conductor of the survey. They say he’s been going around asking people to take his survey as early as October.

According to user kio16, “[the suspect] asked about breast size, butt, and things related to sex.”

Some users suggested that the people conducting the surveys are part of an online community. Redditor feysis said that a mutual follower of their tumblr reported a similar instance in a school in Georgia.

“It’s really upsetting that someone would take advantage of women in this way by posing as a nonthreatning [sic] guy just doing an assignment,” the user posted. “[T]he fact that we don’t even know what these men are doing with the information is very unsettling to say the least.”

Police are asking anyone approached by this man or who have seen him to call (562) 985-4101.

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