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Annual pirate craze invades Long Beach ‘Shoreline’

Many dressed up as their favorite pirate at the annual Pirate Festival in Shoreline Village.

Many dressed up as their favorite pirate at the annual Pirate Festival in Shoreline Village.

Christine Hernandez

Christine Hernandez

Many dressed up as their favorite pirate at the annual Pirate Festival in Shoreline Village.

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 Feet were a-stompin’, guns were a-bangin’, swords were a-swingin’, and pirates were a-laughin’ at the annual Pirate Festival in Shoreline Village Saturday.

The weather was 71 degrees Fahrenheit and the sun was hidden behind gray clouds, yet this didn’t stop pirates from gathering and transforming Shoreline Village into a “Pirates of the Caribbean”-like festive scene. 

Captains known to have rivalries with other captains put aside their hatred and were seen engaging in performances and laughing amongst each other.  They were all united with one focus in mind, to entertain all the young, old, pirates and civilians.      

 Anyone who dared to stop and watch the pirate band would find himself feeling the energy that it projected with flutes, violins, guitars, drums and tambourines.

The audience chanted along to a song titled “Black Spot,” which curses a traitor or enemy.       

Captain Hook and Captain Jack Sparrow hosted “Marriage,” a short play where pirates proved their worth to marry the governor’s daughter. They proved their humor, dancing skills and finally, their courage. As the winning pirate stood triumphantly awaiting his bride imagining an Elizabeth Swan, his image withered away upon laying eyes on a bride that looked the total opposite.

Laughter aroused from the audience as he tried to trick another pirate, Shanghai, into marrying the bride. As the play came to an end, claps and whistles of approval were heard throughout the jubilant crowd.       

Afterwards, the audience had the choice to stay for the meet-and-greet, where fans had a moment to take pictures and ask for autographs of the infamous pirates. It was no surprise that people were willing to wait in line to see their favorite pirate: Jack Sparrow.        

For those who didn’t want to wait, other Jack Sparrows could easily be spotted flamboyantly roaming around.       

While others spent their money at local eateries such as The Blue Carousel, Springbok Bar & Grill and The Funnel House, some chose to visit the face painting booths.       

There was plenty to see and do. Among the many choices were getting your hair wrapped, witnessing Magician Gomez manipulate fire and cards, taking a cruise along the harbor and getting your fate revealed by a pirate astrologer in exchange for pieces of gold.      

 As the sun began to descend onto the horizon, pirates began to load their ships with booty and rum lots of rum. The anchors were a-lifted, the ropes were set a-loose, the ships were sent off and they disappeared into the mist. But the pirates could still be heard singing, “Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.”   

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  1. Joanna on September 26th, 2008 3:33 pm

    I was actually there and I had lots of fun. I remember that short play and it was hilarious. If you weren’t there, you missed out. I’ll definitely be going to the next one. Article about it is great by the way. Love how the writer paints an image with words.

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