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Mormon senator should tweet football scores, not abortion rules

Meg Kolstad

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Democrats and Republicans rarely agree, so it should come as no surprise there is conflict over President Obama’s health care proposal. Recently, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) sent Senate Democrats into an uproar when he proposed that women should have to buy a separate policy if they wish to be covered for abortions.

Who let Utah into the planning of this bill? Just kidding. Go Cougars. When a senator from a state primarily made up of conservative Mormons gets up to speak, you know it can’t be something that everyone is going to heartily agree on.

After some research on Hatch, I found out he is Mormon, has been happily married for many years and uses Twitter. Based on his most recent tweets, he really likes college football and is proud that he was able to cast his 12,000th vote in Congress.

This is all very well and good, but these things do not change the fact that he is an upper-class white male, and should not be making decisions about what kind of coverage women should be getting for abortions.

Don’t fret ladies; the majority of Democrats in the Senate shot down his amendment quickly. But this brings us to wonder: does Hatch believe we plan our abortions? Or that when we are in need of health care, we ponder whether or not to purchase an extra policy “just in case” we need an abortion?

Well, Sen. Hatch, here’s a quick tip — abortions are not planned. Do you think that we plan rape or incest? Or even plan an unplanned pregnancy? That makes absolutely no sense at all, and the senator needs to realize this.

This health care overhaul is supposed to help everyone who needs it. If we cannot afford the “abortion policy,” we will have to have the baby. This brings another person into the world needing coverage. If Hatch were using his noggin, he would see we would be much better off if abortion was part of the original plan. This would be cheaper for all of us in the end.

Those who will be using Obama’s much needed health care plan will be those who do not have extra money to spend on an abortion policy. Those people would be unable to get the abortions that they want or need.

Sen. Hatch, we adore the fact that at 75 years old you know how to be cool and use Twitter like celebrities. We love that you’re excited for Brigham Young University and Utah to play each other. We think its great that you have been in Congress long enough to have 12,000 votes. But, please, don’t make decisions for our bodies.

Let us have the health care that we need and leave us to decide whether or not we need an abortion. Because, really, would you make us buy an extra policy to cover something else of importance, like cancer expenses or regular doctor visits?

Meg Kolstad is a sophomore communications major and contributing writer for the Daily 49er.

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