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Young celebrities make stupid decisions like everyone their age

Jack Chavdarian, Assistant Social Media Editor

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Prince Henry’s nude photographs are among the latest young celebrity naughty moments caught on camera. The media has gone wild with the leaked images of the naked prince cupping his royal jewels. He was allegedly taking part in a game of strip pool in Las Vegas where he appears to have been losing quite badly.

The astonishing part of the whole circus that the media has made out of the prince’s wild night is that it’s such big news to everyone that he would ever do such a thing.

Wake up people. You were young once too!

Before you judge the prince, or Kim Kardashian for her sex tape, or Micheal Phelps for getting high, let’s remember that their actions aren’t unlike anyone else’s their age.

The only thing that’s unusual about their situations is that they have an idiot with a camera capturing every stupid move they make in order to sell it for profit.

The prince didn’t do anything over the top. Who hasn’t played a game of strip something or other at least once in their lifetime?

Kardashian may regret making a sex tape now, but with the amount of nude self-photographs people in her generation text one another so casually, is her behavior really that out of the ordinary?

As for Micheal Phelps being photographed getting high, even the president wrote in his memoir that he smoked some marijuana when he was younger. They just happen to be famous, so their naughty moments are thrown in the spotlight and become posts on TMZ. They may come on in the box with the moving pictures in your living room, but they crap the same way anyone else does, and that crap smells just as bad.

Think back to the stupid things you’ve done in your life, then imagine someone snapping pictures of you doing them.

Being stupid is just a part of growing up. Holding these young celebrities to standards most people in their generation couldn’t live up to is unrealistic and unfair.

Sure, they may not be a role model you would want other young adults imitating, but last time I checked, they’re human. What’s more important to understand here is that their behaviors are simply reflections of what others their age are doing and nothing more.

Naked pool doesn’t make Prince Henry a bad guy, it just makes him a normal guy. The only thing that’s newsworthy here is that it looks like the carpet matches the drapes.
Jack Chavdarian is a senior journalism major and the assitant social media editor for the Daily 49er. 

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