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Schwarzenegger should focus on the son he abandoned for years

Jack Chavdarian

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We all know by now that Arnold Schwarzenegger gave it to the maid while he was married to the amazing Maria Shriver.

In return, the maid gave him a baby boy that he kept secret for years.

The media eventually broke the story, the crap hit the fan, Maria dumped Arnold and now we’re all talking about it again because Arnold has a new autobiography he’s trying to sell.

The most recent controversy surrounding the baby momma drama is the fact that the movie star and former governor of California wouldn’t say he “betrayed” Shriver on his “60 Minutes” interview.

It seems that almost any time this situation is discussed in the media, or in our living rooms, we only focus on how much he hurt his ex-wife.
Although it is natural to sympathize with Shriver and her children for the amount of pain they have suffered, we seem to forget the child he had with the maid.

The kid grew up with Windex being a bigger part of his life than his biological father was.

Why aren’t we just as mad at Schwarzenegger for keeping an entire person a secret?

More importantly, why shouldn’t he be just as apologetic for what he did to that child?

It’s unbelievable that he wouldn’t utter the words that he betrayed his wife, but the hot topic should be how he will not say he betrayed the son he kept secret for all those years.

Sure, discovering your husband lied to you for a large chunk of your marriage, cheated on you with your maid and hid a child from you isn’t a day at Disneyland.

What about your father being so ashamed of you and your mother that he doesn’t even acknowledge your existence in order to protect not his wife and other children, but himself?

Not having one of your parents around regularly is one thing, but not having him acknowledge you openly has got to have a negative impact on you.

Schwarzenegger has stated how he feels about what he’s done to Shriver.

Shriver has moved on with her life and has handled the whole situation in the best way it can be handled. That part of the story needs to be left alone.

Instead of demanding Schwarzenegger to clarify that his behavior betrayed his ex-wife, what he needs to do is apologize to his secret son for being a horrible father.

Instead of trying to sell a book, Schwarzenegger needs to try healing some of the wounds he’s left for his son.

It doesn’t matter how that child was brought into this world; he’s here, and he’s a person. The son deserves to be treated way better than he has been. That’s where Schwarzenegger’s focus should be.

Jack Chavdarian is a senior journalism major and the assistant social media editor for the Daily 49er.

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